GRATEFUL CHALLENGES 2016 – Day 323 – Protected


Being able to step to the side and watch my Master protect me.

I Am Grateful!!!


GRATEFUL CHALLENGES 2016 – Day 302 – 321


302 – I’ve been so sick but I am happy for sinus flushes!!!
303 – Ice packs have been a life savor!!!
304 – New Tv Shows, to keep me occupied during bad bad bad colds!
305 – Used Book stores, that allow me chances to find new things to interest me.
306 – Getting help from my attorney, through their pharmacy!!!
307 – Doctor Strange came out, and we went out as a family. Dinner and a movie, it was a blast, and a great movie!
308 – Finding new things to do in second life with Master, such as horse breeding. It is so much fun!
309 – Late night pokemon go playing is a must!!!
310 – My puppy being such a snuggly cuddle bug!
311 – TRUMP WINS!!! SOO happy!
312 – Lucifer nights…Tuesday for us on Hulu, but I look forward to dinner and a show with each week. One of my favorite nights!
313 – Master and I talking more. I opened up so much, which is a big BIG step for me.
314 – Having enough money each week when we go to the library to donate a few dollars to the homeless shelter each time.
315 – Popsicles, which help my throat since I’ve been sick. AMAZING!!!
316 – Having sex with Master, and my body reacting in such a way I squirted all over him for the first time!!! BLUSHES
317 – Someone bought my friend a meal, which means she can eat tonight. She is a college student in Canada, and can barely afford anything. This made me so happy for kind people in the world.
318 – Getting my puppy a new collar, harness, and leash. He looks so dapper now!
319 – The super moon was stunning, I am glad I got to witness it!
320 – Seeing my puppy hang his head out the window for the first time while driving.
321 – Picking out our first turkey…It is mine and Masters first Kinksgiving this year. SO excited!

I Am Grateful!!!



I like having alternatives. You know, when your kid is being a dick, and you try EVERYTHING possible, to make them listen, or to change their destination. I am just happy money speaks every language. Now we have an attitude jar. Everytime she is rude or gives an attitude, she puts a dollar in from her money stash, and once it is full, it goes to charity.

I Am Grateful!!!



I got out and voted today!!! I am excited, a bit nervous, because I do not want Killary to win!! I am just happy I got a chance to vote! Even if it doesn’t count for the president, it counts for the smaller reps! Hopefully the Electoral College votes how I want!!! ROFL

I Am Grateful!!!



So found out my step-brother is moving out and back to California with his herd of kids and women. He ONLY decided to do this, after I told him if I catch him abusing anyone I would call the cops, and my mother told him the same thing. It is sad that he has to abuse them, but I have no proof, and the women won’t help themselves. As much as it is sad, I am glad they are going. It is so stressful, it will be good to breathe again.

I Am Grateful!!!



Finding a new author. I do not usually sway out of my historical romance genre, since I am such a sap, but I did find a new author. Her name is Paige Dearth. She was sexually abused as a child and sent to foster care. She writes about human trafficking and stuff like this. It is hard to read, because it is from children’s point of view, but the fictional stories are so life like. I am easily falling in love with this new author!

I Am Grateful!!!