The Candle


    The girl could hear him stirring just beyond the shut door and she waited for him to come to her.  Unsure why he has found displeasure in her, she accepts whatever is about to come her way because she loves him.  Everything goes absolutely quiet and she quickly glances over at the door, she sees a flickering glow coming closer. 


    Her Sir very cautiously  opened the door and she immediately dropped her eyes and placed her hands properly behind her lower back.  Her mind racing, an hour earlier she shared a story with he Sir about a previous lesson about her having to chase a ball and how she felt the overpowering sense of Domination.  Her heart was pounding.  She simply wanted to know why she was being punished.  Confused, she shifted her little pose as he set a tray on the table across from her. 


    The lights were cut and the room instantly fell to a raven black.  The moment froze and she searched eagerly for him.  He let the mood linger in that absolute pitch black darkness because he wanted this moment to sink into her.  A voided space where she was alone.  Of course she was freely able to stand up and do as she chose and roam amongst the others.  There was nothing keeping her tied to this room.  It was her choice to be there.


    “Sir, I don’t understand?”  And as soon as she said those words, she immediately bit her lower lip.  She knew when and how to wait for his turn.  She has had previous training and knows the absolute basic rules.  ~I shouldn’t speak without permission~  She repeated that over and over in her head.  Her submission wasn’t always this intense and most times she was allowed to speak freely and openly with her Sir. 


    Being in this room in such a formal manner, she knew the rules.  Still, there was silence.  She debated to get up and find that door and disappear.  There is an agreement between the Dominant and submissive that at any time if she asks to go or leave, she is granted such permission, without question.  Her mind still racing, she still couldn’t understand why telling him a simple story of Domination/submission would cause such a harsh reaction.   Her stomach was tied completely in knots and this unsettled feeling was beginning to trigger something within.


    She was on the verge of crying and tried to keep it to herself.  Silently, she took some deep breaths trying to calm herself, retracing the story in her mind over and over again.  The tears very softly welling in her eyes, she was afraid to blink.  In that instant, it was an absolute stream of warm salty tears that bounced from her cheek to her lap.  Her heart was breaking.  The moment was slowly starting to sink and settle into her. 


    Alone in that room with his submissive he wanted nothing more than wrap her up and curl her onto his lap.  The story she shared with him was her submission with a previous Master and truly had nothing to do with them, but he needed to make it crystal clear that such displays won’t be tolerated.  To some, a harsh display, but he knows what he wants and how to train.  Although she spoke very eloquently and relayed the events of a previous lesson with profound beauty, she was about to know of his command. 


*With the flick of a match*

    He finally spoke to her.  “Baby, look at this flame.”  She slowly looked up at him and a rush of relief completely filled every inch of her.  In the closeness of that light he could see that she had been crying.  He reached with a thumb and pulled the wetness from her cheek.  His demeanor was soft and caressing, and with that, the knots in her immediately dissolved.  Sugar dissolving in steaming hot water.  She settled almost instantly and was eager to learn from her Sir.


*he brought the flame to a distant candle on the far part of the room*

    This candle represents your previous trainings and things you’ve once learned.  The candle was set far back and of not good quality as the flame struggled to stay lit.  Her Sir let it struggle and she watched the narrow flame barely illuminate even the corner of their chamber.  He knelt closely to her and his cologne instantly filled her little body.  The ache was starting.  He said, “look at that flame struggling to stay lit over there.  Yes, it still barely holds the life of the fire in its hands.  Tonight you shared a story with me from that candle.  I understand you were simply sharing a story, but from now on, the only stories you’ll need to be writing will be between us.”  He tilted her chin upward and their eyes locked.  It was starting to make some sense, but a piece of her still feels like she could have been warned not to share. 


*He lights the most beautifully adorned crimson cranberry block of wax*

    He places this candle at the foot their bed on a tray lined with cinnamon.  The scent of cranberries and cinnamon were exotic.  She instantly shot her eyes to the bed and traced the edges of the frame.  The room was filled now with a hard almost forceful flame that grabbed attention.  Her Sir let the candle melt just the very top layer of wax.  He brought the tray and set it down right in front of her.  She knew not to move.  With firm grasp he picked up the candle with two hands and hovered it above her.  “Love, I do not want you to move.”  He very softly removed her top exposing her breasts.  He had even taken the time to find her favorite hair clip and he pinned her beautiful hair back and away.  She now smelled the melting candle very close to her sensitive skin. 


    He paused and waited for her body to feel the chill of that room.  He said, “This candle represents the hours you’ll spend pleasuring me.”  He truly tried to make just a tiny drop of wax hit her shoulder, and he swears he tried, but a thin blade of wax slid down the curve of her spine.  She immediately arched, the pain seared her attention and she felt a rush of comfort, but she couldn’t help but to jerk forward.  “I said, don’t move love” and just as quickly as the burning rolled down her body, she felt the wax harden. 


    He tilted the candle again, but this time the burning was replaced with a soft warmth.  The layers of wax built up on her skin and it felt absolutely refreshing.  Whispering, “our time in this room will be filled with amazement.  Our bodies will feel dizzying pleasure.  Trust that my intentions are to bring us joy.”  This was the moment she had been craving her entire life.


       A Sir  completely in control of her wanting.  Very firmly he held her jaw and shifted her eyes.  “Now tell me love, which of these candles do you prefer?”  Her eyes shot over to the corner, the flame still struggling.  It wasn’t that one candle was larger or prettier than the other, you could just tell that this crimson cranberry one had a certain glow or polish.  She answered her Master simply using her eyes and she smiled.


    At first she struggled to understand why telling her Sir a story of that other candle was such a problem with him.  Yes they are both candles that hold flame, but there is a true and brilliant difference.  She shifted and sat there thinking.  She needed to say something to him, but didn’t.


*her eyes followed his back to the table*

    With a single movement he turned holding what appeared to be a mosaic of glittering little sparkles etched with a see-through kind of candle.  It was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen.  Her eyes simply couldn’t stop staring.  It was tall and obviously made of something other than just simple bees wax.  This candle had been especially designed, almost commissioned.  He peeked up over the top of it with a bright beautiful smile and said, “this is for you love.” 


    Those tears welled again and it didn’t take a blink to shed them down her cheek.  He brought the beautiful display and set it in her lap.  With a full and deliberate force he squarely and completely kissed her untouched lips.  That touch, with this gift , was too overwhelming.  She hiccuped spoke, “Sir, I am so sorry for mentioning that over there.”  She wouldn’t allow her eyes to break away from his.  “I am completely yours,” she lowered her eyes.


    In that instant, he knew,  she understood.  He asked her to watch as he lifted her chin.  The second the flame hit the wick a bright almost glowing purple filled the room.  “Now watch love.”  After a few minutes the candle’s flame had changed color.  This time the room was filled with a brilliant orange glow like sunset.  She looked at him, and he was truly smiling watching the candle change colors and become even more prettier than it was on its surface.  Like his eyes, truly fascinated her, she couldn’t stop staring at him.  The room was now a brilliant ruby in color and the reflection from him was unmistakable.  He very slowly lifted the candle, “now for the best part.”  Her eyes followed his and he had her bring her breasts forward.  He tilted the candle.  She was very wanting.  She arched slowly and knew it was going to sting, but craved the attention.


    The first thing she noticed was this intense lavender color.  He dripped the wax and as it fell it got even brighter.  Her breath was stolen.  There was no sting or contrast to her skin.  Instead, her body was instantaneously flooded with absolute pure warm pleasure.  The touch of the melted wax from this candle brought her to the edge of an orgasm.  She needed more.  He smiled, “this candle holds something special within.  Yet, the wax is limited and cannot be wasted.  It will take just a little bit of its liquid to fill your entire body with pleasure.”  He very carefully poured the heat and when it pooled in her belly button, her clit was overrun with sensation and she pressed her hips downward.  Her Master touched and his thumb mixed with wax and he gave her an overpowering wave of pleasure.


    Clearly out of breath.  She gasped to gain her position again. Sir placed the candle in her hands and blew out the flame.  She watched, the candle somehow went back to its original shape.  She shot a surprised look at him.  He smiled and said, “cherish its gift.”


He lifted her from he kneeling position and had her crawl over to blow out that candle in the corner.   “That candle at one point in your life had been special and I’m sure you never thought by sharing a story from it, would trigger anything but happiness.”  He paused and stared at her as she pleaded with heavy eyes.  “Love, I know your intention was to simply share a story.”    Looking over her shoulder as she crawled and inched up closer, she paused because she needed her Sir, this Sir.  Just as she  reached with an extended finger to extinguish the flame, the candle simply died.  She shot a look to her Sir , she didn’t fully understand how he did it, but there he was with a smile or half grin with his back turned to her.  


So this story is very deep. I was asked to read it, and answer these questions as well. I answer all my questions as honestly as I can. I might not know the true answer, and perhaps there is no right answer. These are my answers as I came to understand this story. I don’t know who wrote the story, but in its own unique way it held meaning!

How can you separate the things you’ve learned with the new teaching you’re receiving?

It isnt hard to separate them. Sometimes it takes practice to keep trying to push them aside. It can be done if someone is determined. It isnt about forgetting what you learned. It isnt about saying that it never happened, or shouldn’t be a pleasant memory. It is simply about putting it in the past, and moving on to something new and possibly better. I believe truly when a submissive moves on to a new Dominant that it is time to be rebuilt. You must push aside your teachings, because your new Dominant will want to train you to his pleasures. What was pleasant for one Dominant might not be for the next.

What if you find yourself in a relationship that is not satisfying, how long do you wait for things to turn around?

I think you address your needs again, and then discuss them with your Dominant. If the needs for both are far too different then you must immediately move on. It isnt fair to keep both tied down! Never settle!


Your thoughts keep going back to a previous Dominant, do you tell the current person or do you keep it to yourself?

I think if your thoughts keep going back to a previous Dominant you really need to sit down and find out why! It isnt a bad thing to reminisice but there could be something gong in subconciously that might need to come about. Once you figure out why you should fix it. I think if your Dominant truly cares, they want to know everything. It isnt a submiissives place to hide things from her Dominant, so she should tell him what is bothering her about this. How else can she be truly his if she isnt open and honest all the time.


When you commit to your Dominant is it ok to share all of your experiences?

I think ultimately your Dominant will want to know everything. In my experience a good Dominant wants to know everything about his submissive. On  a deep and intimate level. I suggest asking your Dominant what you should share, and what not. Perhaps he wants to know only why the relationship previously didn’t work. Perhaps he doesn’t want to know what you were trained like, or your happy memories from it. I suppose it depends on the Dominant, and your relationship to them!

 What if during a lesson you find yourself needing to voice a concern or comment, how do you know when to say something

When it comes to a lesson I find paitently waiting until Sir has finished speaking before I ask if its alright to ask a question, or to address a concern. Most often my Sir or even my mentor is kind enough to let me speak. I always am eager to take their advice!


The Garden


The scorched earth was ignored and neglected
No evidence of last year’s beauties
A garden sits smothered in weeds now.
Useless land in this condition,
Taking her, while holding hands
They begin their lesson of the Garden.

They stand looking at the overgrowth
Tears silently fall inside because of the carelessness
Gently turning to his sweet, he says,
“It will be up to you to clear this place,
this space of neglect and hate.”
She stares with questioning disbelief at his want,
sadness closes shut.

Timidly among weeds she takes her place.
Softness of her body amongst such sharpness,
In disbelief how this could be expected.
Bowing in submission she begins pulling.
Anger filled with silent rage, as she’s crying
There are shouting words inside, “Help me.”

Under shade of tree not wanting the sun
He drinks the soothingly cool lemonade
Watching her shoulders becoming reddened
Matching the glow on her cheeks
Wiping away the sweat on his brow
Nothing need be said, simply watching

Tired and near exhaustion
The land is being stripped free
On knees inching forward still pulling
Her once delicate hands now bleed
A tear slips from her eye
her shoulder quickly hides the evidence

The area now cleared she stares in his direction.
Easing from this space he inspects the yard.
There in the distance was a bush covered in thorn
Eyes of disbelief as he instructs its removal.
Too tired and weak, she simply obeys.

Clean, bare and pure she can do no more.
He eases her into his arms to carry her off.
A heated bath with silken bubbles awaits her,
delicately undressed from frame
every muscle in her body aches.
No longer can she hold onto the emotion
In this water what was known now breaks
Soft whispers, soothing music and candlelight
Invade her void.

The next morning she was pampered,
A feast brought to her in bed.
There in a fresh light,
Opened blinds exposed the work she had done
A proud smile upon their faces as they laughed in delight.
Helping her into clothing
his gentle kisses embraced her completely

To the Garden where she will sit
being her Master, he shall plant the flowers.
First choice is of the Gardenia shrub
Rich aromatic flavor filling their sense of scent.
To the row of Wisteria hanging over vine
The dotted roses of yellow, crimson, and white
Daisies, hibiscus, and jasmine will grow in time
The garden now planted and complete

Near his love again, their eyes meet
Adoring the beauty of this creation.
Falling into their kissing hour
in the arms of the other, he asks
What are you holding behind your back?
Silently she extends a closed hand
Opening slowly she exposes to him
A thorn.

His lesson now complete
They’ll discuss in beautiful detail
The true meaning of their Garden
And what she has learned today


I was given an assignment. I came along with a poem and I was asked by my mentor to answer the questions associated with it. I did so honestly, and it made me start to feel really sad about my life. I have had my eyes opened and I know there is much work needed for me in my life, but I am eager to begin that transformation. These are the questions asked, with my answers as well. These are very personal questions, but I am done feeling ashamed about my decisions and my life. I know in the future this will change. These answers are for now, but perhaps once I start to change and follow down more on this path my answers could change. We shall see!

What part of your life is neglected?




What is the “one” thing you would change?

My Emotional Issues

What was the largest sacrifice you’ve made?

Giving up my desire to have children of my own, in order to raise someone elses child as my own!


Do you trust enough to give to another completely?

no because I dont know anymore what trust really is.

If asked to do something how far would you go?

I would go as far as I possibly could, as long as the course was justly!

What was the last thing you quit?


Would you ask for help if truly needed?


When was the last time you asked?

Not in a very long time. So long ago I do not remember

Do you consider yourself emotional?

Yes I do

Would you fight or argue in public?

I have before, but I am trying to not do that at all. I do my best to leave all squabbles in private.

What are you most proud of?


What was the last thing you gave away?

My Kindle

What part of your body is most sensitive to touch?

My back

How often do you find time for yourself?

A lot

What was/will be your most intimate moment?

I suppose when I finally let my walls down and fully reveal who I am to my significant other?

What do you love most about yourself?

My ability to adapt!

What is most sacred to you?

My Beliefs

What is one thing you can’t replace?

My Beliefs

What is symbolic of the thorn?

The thorned bush is the most painful task he put to her. It represents the most painful thing in her life, whether physically or emotionally. It could represent her anger as well. By handing him the thorn it is signifying her release of this pain or anger and giving it to him shows she is willing to lay all of herself into his hands!

Do you currently hold any?


My wants in a Dominant






My mentor asked me to write an essay on my wish list for a Dominant. When I thought about this I really didn’t know what to write about, or what I found worthy of in a Dominant. My mind is so jumbled that it is even hard to think lately, and being sick is worse. So after a time I finally came up with a small list that at this time and place is something I need.


I need a strict Dominant that will make sure I follow my rules, and get my tasks done in a timely manner. One that is going to work hard to make sure I am striving for perfection in all I do, and focus on my family. My dominant has to understand knowing that some things I just cannot do because of my health issues, and that he understands that I need to take care of my daughter before him. Something I have found MOST Dominants cannot handle. He needs to be compassionate, not just to my daughter and myself but to others. I am a huge advocate for domestic violence, and abuse since I have experienced a ton of it. I like to reach out and help out my community, and donate and feed the homeless. I would like to have a Dominant that does these things as well.


My Dominant needs to be honest with me at all times. Even if he feels it will hurt my feelings, or make me cry. Lying to me voids ANY contract we are in, because let’s face it. Once a lie has been told, the trust is gone! I cannot serve someone I do not trust. Plain and simple! I would like him to be family oriented since I spend most of my time with my family, and I want to have at least one more child. I would like to be a in a long term, committed monogamous relationship. I have been in a Poly house, and from experience I am not interested in being in another. They aren’t bad people, or relationships, they just aren’t for me!


I would like my Dominant to be highly intelligent. Interested in a wide range of topics, and cultures. I want to travel, and learn, and experience things in life, and I feel if we share these similar desires it will make our relationship run smoothly. My Dominant should be stable mentally and emotionally, because I have a daughter, and I want her brought up in a good home. My Dominant should be loving to me, as well as my daughter, and his fellow people. Again this is very important to me because of my beliefs, and my lifestyle. (No I am NOT a hippie!!!)


As I am a very sexual person, I would hope my Dominant could be as well. Open minded and confident as well to explore kinks, and fetishes and not ashamed of them. I hope he could be accepting into my fantasies, fetishes and kinks as well, even if he doesn’t share the same ones. It doesn’t mean we have to experience them, but just accepting me as I am would be great. Then I could truly be open without being afraid too. I hope he too would be patient as some of my fetishes and kinks embarrass even me, and I may be a little reluctant to do something right at first. I might need a bit more patience and a push to get over the social norms in my head, and to truly experience something new.


I hope to find in my Dominant that he is out going, spiritual, and social no matter our differences in beliefs. As he accepts mine, I too would embrace and accept his. It would be nice to experience such things with my Dominant, but I know many people are not widely accepting of others spiritual and political beliefs. I would keep an open mind, and hope my Dominant as well would do the same.


Of course I want my Dominant to be social. Go to munches, events, parties, etc. Some related in the lifestyle and others that are vanilla. I just want to experience things with my Dominant but find a community in which we are all accepted for who we are and are not judged on by society. It would be fun as well to gain some hobbies that interest my Dominant and he could teach me, or we can do them together, just so we can share a bit more with each other.


Lastly, I think some personal space would be needed too. We don’t want to be around each other 24 hours a day. We would get sick of each other. So it would be good to be able to have our alone time designated so we can have that revamping we need to keep our relationship strong. I don’t know if anyone has ever experienced it, but when I go on vacation and then return home, I miss them so darn much that it’s like heaven. So I think this is very important. Of course these are all what I need or want right now; in the future it might change!

My Real Life Expectations


So, my husband is now my Dominant! Interesting idea considering we started our relationship in the vanilla world not even knowing what BDSM really was, or even D/s for that matter. If someone would have told me that I would someday be collared by my husband and serving him in a TPE relationship, I would have laughed at them. I come from a strange family history. My father being an Irish traveler raised us to be subservient to our men without even knowing it. My mother however comes from a very long line of Noble Germans. (Yes, even Nazi blood runs through my veins, but that’s in the past!) She raised us to be independent, strong, and well NOT subservient to our men. So you can kind of understand what is going on here. I have been struggling with how to act, what to do etc. It wasn’t until I found the lifestyle that I truly felt at peace.

I entered this lifestyle by myself. My husband of course knew what I was doing, researching, role-playing online etc. We haven’t had the best of relations either. We were on the brink of divorce. He started to research the lifestyle too, and we both had separate lives, since we decided to separate from each other. He has of course always been that one person in my life I can depend on. This is good, because I have a TON of trust issues. I suppose if I really think on it, I trust him, but I am quick to say I don’t. He is the ONLY person in my life I can rely on, count on, and does his best to see to my welfare. If that isn’t trust, then I don’t know what is. He makes me laugh, and protects me. He pushes me to follow dreams, (if I have any) and he supports my beliefs.

So I feel that maybe if I dedicate more time to him, and do my best to truly give into him it might work out. I know it is still a two way street, and I refuse to settle. He has to dedicate his time into being a good Dominant to me as much as I have to dedicate being a good submissive. I guess what I truly hope to get from this is that relationship in D/s. I expect to be long lasting, and truly fulfilling. Not just for me as a submissive but for him as well. I am hoping it will strengthen our relationship as a couple, and of course reignite that passion between us.

I can honestly say I am terrified at the same time. If this doesn’t work, what will this do to our friendship? We have a child together, and though we never use her as a pawn against each other, I don’t want to risk our relationship becoming foul. I love my husband more than anything, whether he is my Dominant or not. So entering this lifestyle with him is terrifying. I just hope it only goes towards the better instead of the worse. I am optimistic though, and I will strive to be completely open with him, communicate my needs as best as I can, and truly give into his whim and desires.

Lesson Five





        My Hard Limits:

  1. Arm and leg sleeves
  2. Ball stretching
  3. Bathroom control
  4. Beating Hard
  5. Bestiality
  6. Caning-English
  7. Catheterization
  8. Cross Dressing
  9. Cuffs-Leather
  10. Giving Cunnilingus
  11. Cutting-Blood play
  12. Diapers
  13. Dilation
  14. Electicity-Internal
  15. Electricity-TENS unit
  16. Enemas
  17. Examinations
  18. Fisting
  19. Forced Feminization
  20. Forced Homosexuality
  21. Gags-Bit
  22. Gags-Inflatable
  23. Gags-Tape
  24. Golden Showers
  25. Group Play-Multi Women-One Man
  26. Harems
  27. Harnessing-leather
  28. Harnessing-Rope
  29. High Heel Worship
  30. Hoods
  31. Human Puppy Play
  32. Infantilism
  33. Injections
  34. Leather Restraints
  35. Leather wearing
  36. Lecturing
  37. Medical Scenes
  38. Milking
  39. Mummification
  40. Nipple Piercings
  41. Pain-Severe
  42. Personality Modification
  43. Piercings Temporary
  44. Poly Houses
  45. Pony Play
  46. Prison Scenes
  47. Pussy Worship
  48. Religious Scenes
  49. Rubber/Latex wearing
  50. Scarification
  51. Scat
  52. Serving as a maid/ashtray
  53. Sexual Deprivation
  54. Sleep Deprivation
  55. Spandex Clothing
  56. Speculums
  57. Straight Jackets
  58. Strap on Dildo Sucking
  59. Strap On Dildo Pentration
  60. Swallowing Semen
  61. Swallowing Urine
  62. Swapping with Couple
  63. Swapping with Multi Couples
  64. Switching Roles
  65. Thumb Cuffs
  66. Water Torture/Sports

Lesson Four





        My Soft Limits:


  1. Age Play
  2. Anal sex
  3. Animal roleplay
  4. Biting
  5. Multi day bondage
  6. Breast fucking
  7. breast whipping
  8. Breast bondage
  9. Caning-Sensation
  10. Chamber pot
  11. Chauffering
  12. Chores
  13. Electricity-Violet wand
  14. Exericised-Forced
  15. Face slapping
  16. Finger Claws
  17. Fire Play
  18. Gags-Phallic
  19. Group Orgy
  20. High heel wearing
  21. Homage with tongue
  22. Hot wax on body
  23. Humiliation
  24. Hypnotism
  25. Initiation Rights
  26. Interrogations
  27. Kidnapping
  28. Modeling for Erotic Photos
  29. Nipple Play
  30. Pearl Shower
  31. Piercing-Perm
  32. Riding the Horse
  33. Rope Bondage
  34. Serving other Doms (Supervised)
  35. Shared (Given to another temporarily)
  36. Stocks
  37. Strap On Dildo –Wearing
  38. Strapping
  39. Suspension
  40. Vampire Gloves
  41. Wartenburg Pinwheel
  42. Whipping-Single Tail

Lesson Three


I was given the book: The Prince, by Niccolo Machiavelli. Most of it was rather difficult to read, and I found it dull and boring. Sir Seven wanted me to read it, and apply it to my D/s. The book goes on to discuss how to keep a kingdom. He gets in depth of how to control such, and in which ways work best.

I can see how this applies to D/s in ways. You can’t just force your submissive to be yours. They would feel imprisoned and try to find any means possible to escape. They would rebel at any moment they had, and it would be an exhausting fete. You would end up beating your submissive and torturing them to get the slightest bit of service out of them.

You could inherit your submissive. I have seen it done before, but I am not sure it would last long. Firstly the submissive would still have their heart serving the owner prior. Over time their devotion for you wouldn’t last. They would need to find someone who could fulfill them as they were prior to you obtaining them. I myself know how hard it is to serve someone when your heart pines for another.

You could easily earn you way with a submissive. Learning what works for them, accepting them for the beliefs and traditions, but you cannot remain nice with them all the time. You must impose your rule over them, punish them for their misdeeds, but also be compassionate and understanding. This is how to capture their hearts, and make them remain loyal to you.

Sir Seven asked me if I would want my subjects of my kingdom to love me or fear me. I instantly said love, who wouldn’t want that? After reading this I understand more now. You have to be loved and feared in order for a kingdom to truly work.

Lesson Two


en·light·en·ment – noun

The act of enlightening.

The state of being enlightened: to live in spiritual enlightenment.

The Enlightenment, a philosophical movement of the 18th century, characterized by belief in the power of human reason and by innovations in political, religious, and educational doctrine.

I know I was told by Sir Seven that I no longer had to write this essay for him, but something compelled me to continue with it anyhow. This morning I had an amazing conversation with Sir Seven. We spoke about Socrates and Plato, and many D/s related topics. He asked me a few questions which pertain to this lesson he wanted me to write. So I am going to continue on with it.

My first lesson he gave me was to read the Allegory Cave, by Plato. He wanted me to read it in a view that Gor is the cave in which Plato writes about. I can see how it can relate. Gor is fictional from a sci fi series written by John Norman, or for those who are truly interested in his work Professor Lange.  Gorean novels arent the best written in my opinion, and they leave much to be desired. However there are many great things I can take from these stories and apply to my everyday life.

Now this is on a daily real life aspect. I like to have integrity and be honorable in my actions. This is something strongly promoted in the Gor novels. I want to be beautiful, and feminine. That is something promoted in the Gorean novels as well. Though I want to have and do all these things while having an opinion, and not becoming a door mat.

This is where the Allegory cave comes into play. Most people who believe in Gorean philosophy, or even for the Role-play aspects of Gor everyone apparently is an expert on Gor, and will argue until they are blue in the face. They want to throw quotes are you just to prove you wrong. I have said this time and time again, that throwing quotes at someone to prove a point just makes you look like a jack ass. Clearly the quotes can be used anyway you want, they are taken out of context. Gor is a personal journey just as BDSM is. You take Gor for what it is, and adapt to what you believe in. What works for you might not work for someone else.

So yes I think the people who sit there arguing daily over what is Gor and what is not Gor, are chained in the cave. They can only see the shadows on the wall. I admit I used to be like this. I would argue day in and day out over what is Gor and what is not. I gave up with that. I began to look at it differently. Gor is what it is, and I take from it what best suits me. It is much more beautiful now that I have done this. Granted I have chosen to transition out of Gorean Role-play. I might do it once in a blue moon here or there just to amuse myself, but in the end it is over for me.

My eyes are open! I have seen the other side of the cave, and I want more of that realism in my submission. I have so to say been enlightened. I am open to more knowledge, different aspects of life, and I am eager to continue forward improving myself. It is something I need. I think coming to the Bittersweet D/s academy will better enlighten me. It will help guide me towards things I need in life, and educate me on where to go from here, how to obtain what I want in the lifestyle.


Lesson One





Write a list of things you need in your life when it comes to a partner and keep that list with you as you explore this lifestyle.

  1. Trust
  2. Honesty
  3. Compassion
  4. Humor
  5. Reliability
  6. Spontaneous
  7. Patience
  8. Understanding
  9. Playful
  10. Security
  11. Affection
  12. Integrity
  13. Desire to travel
  14. Love
  15. Sex
  16. Faithful
  17. Communication
  18. Monogamy
  19. Family oriented
  20. Healthy
  21. Outgoing
  22. Emotionally stable
  23. Social
  24. Intelligence
  25. Independence