About Emme’s World

Before you continue reading my blog please understand some of the stuff written here, or discussed about is not safe for work, or at home if you have children constantly viewing. This is a mature adult content related blog, not for anyone under the age of 18.

I started this blog for many reasons. I have been blogging for nearly 6 years now. WordPress is new to me, and well here I am. I am trashing my old blog, but transferring much of its information over here. Dont pay attention to dates on my entries, most of what I speak about isnt even posted until well after it has happened.

Here I am starting something. Totally new for me. I am going to write about my feelings, my experiences, my past, my future, and be totally honest, no matter how it makes me look. So this is it, the big leap, the dedication to myself in the D/s lifestyle that I have so long waited to truly do. Lets see where this road takes me!!!

I hope you all enjoy my life, or get some sort of inspiration from me.


One thought on “About Emme’s World

  1. Dear Nadira,
    I’m so delighted to have been directed to your site from Ms. Lizzy. She reblogged your post: NO MEANS NO…DOUCHE. To each their own. However If You had already let it be known that you only practice safe sex, Did he really think he was going to try and Manipulate you. I think not. Great post.
    I look forward to reading your future postings.
    Your New Friend, and Follower,

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