GRATEFUL CHALLENGES 2016 – Day 341 – 365



12.07.16 – Happy to have Christmas shopping done
12.08.16 – Figured out what I was getting my brother for a present
12.09.16 – Got a check…YAY!!!
12.10.16 – Happy to not have so much anxiety for the deposition.
12.12.16 – Just happy that the holidays are almost over
12.13.16 – Adore my new RP family in second life.
12.14.16 – Got another check, just IN time….Thanks to my attorney.
12.15.16 – Packed and ready to go!!!
12.16.16 – Vacation weekend time with Master and our kid. FOUND a Fucking Tauros for Pokemon!!!! FECK YEAH!!! Our ONE year Anniversary…it is so amazing. I feel like it was only yesterday that Master collared me.
12.17.16 – The drive was pleasant, despite it killing my back. The Hotel is beautiful!!
12.18.16 – Met Master’s parents, and we baked cookies all day. WE had a blast!!!
12.19.16 – The weekend is over, and having memories to add to this year is wonderful.
12.20.16 – My niece told me she loved me. She is 2 and finally getting a personality.
12.21.16 – So happy that my new doctor finally listened to me. I feel like something good is going to finally come into helping my injury. I am so relieved.
12.22.16 – Spending time with the kids, listening to Xmas music, and enjoying our night.
12.23.16 – I am happy my brother and Daddy are becoming good friends. It is something that is needed.
12.24.16 – Wrap, Wrap, Wrapping presents..All of them for the Xmas tree…YAY….Plus stayed up all night with Master, and her partook in my tradition. Xmas music, Hot Cocoa with peppermint, and us just staring at the lights on the tree.
12.25.16 – CHRISTMAS….Presents was fun..but Master had to go to the ER. Thankfully, Master is Okay. I am relieved!
12.26.16 – Snuggles with Master for most of the day…YAY!!
12.27.16 – Not feeling good today, but happy Master doesn’t mind I get to stay in bed for most of it.
12.28.16 – Daddy’s Birthday, and my brother took him out for the evening. He had a blast, and I am happy that he had a great night.
12.29.16 – Good food, and a new television series….WOOT!
12.30.16 – Enjoyed some games with Master online. Time to relax at the end of the year.
12.31.16 – Did anyone say Masquerade ball??? Master and I went to one in Second life, because clearly…cant go in real life, but it was romantic, and so much fun!

I Am Grateful!!!

Not only am I grateful and posting this late, but I am proud that I was able to do 365 of these. It is something I endeavored on my own, and it is complete. 2016 was so hard on us, both emotionally, and physically, but I hope that 2017 brings a many great new things!


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