GRATEFUL CHALLENGES 2016 – Day 331 – 340


331 – Grateful that my sister is out of an abusive relationship and getting the help she needs

332 – Grateful that my Master and I found more fun things to do together.

333 – Grateful that my Master feels more like himself, even if the world doesnt like it.

334 – Grateful that I get to see my nephew and niece despite my brothers divorce

335 – Grateful that my Master says he loves my dog Toby now, instead of hating on him all the time.

336 – Grateful that I had the strength to get my mom the memorial ornament for my brother, since I knew she just couldnt fathom the thought. It is our first christmas since his passing!

337 – Grateful that I had the finances to get my baby girl the things she desired for christmas.

338 – Grateful for Master hold me close when I am in dire need, and he whispers it will be okay.

339 – Grateful that Master will be with me during some depositions for my workmens comp.

340 – Grateful that we can paint handmade porcelain ornaments with the kids this year, as is tradition!!!!

I Am Grateful!!!


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