WTF – Respect Please


So I had to vent today. I am apart of a bunch of groups on facebook for BDSM related content. In a group I am in, a woman posted a comment:

Woman: So, my Master had to let me go. He has a Pet who refuses to share, and he’s had her for longer.

I have no idea why this bothered me so much. Possibly because of the lack of respect on BOTH sides! I am all for propriety, and respect. This to me screamed lack of such respect on so many levels.

So I asked her a few questions, which I am awaiting the answers on.

  • Did she herself know, about the first girl not wanting to share, prior to engaging with this man?
  • If so, WHY did she decide to be his girl anyways?
  • Does she know if the man agreed to be in a monogamous relationship with his first girl, prior to her?
  • If so, WHY would you allow him to pursue you?

I feel hurt that she is heart broken. I really do, but I also feel for the other girl a bit more. This man clearly has so much to learn! I do not think it is wise for the first girl to stay with him either. Clearly he has no respect for either of these women!

Anyways, this is just my own opinion. If the woman responds to my questions, I will update!


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