I am a bit old fashioned!!!


Call me old fashioned, but etiquette, propriety, respect are important to me. I recently wrote a post about how dominants shouldn’t contact me, without contacting my owner, and heck, they should be introduced to me by my owner!

So now I want to talk about the submissive side of it. I do not feel it is okay for a submissive to contact dominants either. I feel that if you are a single submissive, then the dominant should choose to contact you. If the dominant has a submissive, then I find it VERY disrespectful for a submissive to contact that dominant.

I believe the submissive should be friends with the dominants submissive, and his submissive should introduce them, if she/he feels like that is something they want to do. The reason I say this, is because I have had submissives contact my owner. It is written that we are monogmous all over the place, and yet they contact him, begging and pleading to be his submissive now, or try to turn him into a poly style dominant.

Granted, I trust my owner completely. We do not hide anything from each other. Keep that in mind when contacting us. We often read our messages out loud, or share them with each other, etc etc etc. If I am worried about something, I definately share it, and he handles it.

He trusts me just the same, but to me it is shady. Why go behind my back to contact my owner? Why not befriend both of us? Why not come and be my friend? I find the submissives that do this; go behind my back, are the ones whom are shady. They want to try and steal my relationship! I’ve had male and female submissives attempt to do this.

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So yeah, I am old fashioned, I find it trashy for a submissive to do this, and to me, and this is my own opinion, makes them seem slightly desperate!

You will find the right dominant or submissive if you just persevere and never give up!

So stop trying to sneak your way into my relationship….


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