“what you need and what you want aren’t the same things,” ― Cherise Sinclair, The Dom’s Dungeon


There are many things my Dom does to me that are erotic in nature, and pretty much everything he does turns me on to no end, but a lot of things are not sexual. For instance when we shower, sometimes its a naughty shower with lots of hands on play but there are times when Master just wants to bathe me. My favorite part is after the shower, and I am dressed for bed, and Master comes and brushes out my hair, and then braids it for me, so the next day my hair will have a slight wavy curl, and it isn’t a rat’s nest by morning.

I enjoy this so much, because he takes care of me, as much as I take care of him. Maybe even more. I don’t classify myself as a little, pet, slave, or anything. In the bdsm world I am just a submissive, but I have aspects from all of it that I enjoy. Master takes care of me like this, in the way a DD would for his LG. I enjoy it very much, and I am not used to this kind of love and affection.

Other things I enjoy, eating out of pet bowls, or from Master’s fingertips. Wearing my kitty ears, and making little animal sounds when I am playful. Coloring, painting, snuggly with my stuffy. These are things I like because it is may playful side, slightly childish I suppose, but I never had a childhood. So it is nice sometimes.

Sometimes there are things I need and want. My needs are always met, and NEVER EVER Negotiated! If it truly is a Need, it happens. My wants though, aren’t always fulfilled. Sometimes for good reasons. Like, I may want an 800 dollar pair of shoes, and I whine, and beg Master, but he knows we have plans to get a new place, and we are trying so hard to save, so…NOPE…Not getting those shoes! Wants do not have to be fulfilled, and I am grateful that Master does well in making sure his views are implemented here.

Once in a while he caves, and gives in to my batting of lashes and begging, but most often, it is HIS judgment, and HIS decision and I respect it, even if sometimes I do not like it.

I love my Master, and for once in my life I am extremely happy and well settled!

So with that I must say:

To my Master,

Before I met you, I was lost. Traveling alone down a darkened road, where strangers tried to twist and warp my mind into what they felt I should do. I was scared, and often didn’t take this seriously. I battled my inner demons, with views of society, and my own heart’s needs and desires.

Not once did I ever feel apart of something greater, or had a sense of belonging until I met you! You help me each day to feel beautiful, loved, and wanted. You help me accept myself who I am, and to open up to my inner most desires, and not feel ashamed for it.

Most importantly you make me want to be a better person. More than I was the day before. I am grateful you exist, and that I get to spend each day with you! I will never take you for granted!

To the most amazing person in my life, I love you, Dearly! I strive every day to remain pleasing and beautiful in your eyes, and eagerly follow your guidance and instruction!

Love your girl,



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