Respect and Etiquette



I cannot say how many times I have to block people on social media. They just do not follow any basic protocol whatsoever. I enjoy making friends, so please don’t assume I am some closed, shut off, bitch. Truth is I believe there are certain ways to run things, and that basic etiquette should always be followed.

I do not feel it is proper for a Dom of any sex to contact a submissive that is already in a relationship with someone. They should respect those boundaries, to the extent if a Dom wanted to make friends with a submissive they should in fact contact their owner. They should befriend the owner just the same, and ask permission. I NEVER add other Doms, or talk to them, without my owner’s permission.

It doesn’t honestly bother my master. He trusts me, but he does step in, if someone is emotionally abusive. I trust his guidance and wishes just the same, but oddly it truly upsets me if someone who is a dominant, contacts me first. I feel they disrespect-ed my owner, and to me, that is a huge NOPE! Why would I wish to be your friend, if you cannot respect my partner.

I don’t know if anyone else shares the same view, but this was a topic brought up in a group post. Many disagree with me, but I guess I am just old school? I love my master more than anything else in this world. It is human nature to look, flirt, but I don’t need added temptation, or anyone trying to squirm their way in. I have had people whom I considered friends try to do that.

being whom I am, I refuse, deny, ignore, and then I block you. I don’t give second chances, or the, I’m sorry game. I can see right through you. Either respect my owner, and myself, or don’t contact me. It isn’t that difficult.


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