Keep your mind open


I think my brain is a little warped. When it comes to BDSM, I usually generalize, men are dominant, women are submissive. It was the hardest thing for me to accept a woman being dominant, and I still to this day have small issues with male submissives. It isn’t the fact I think they don’t deserve respect or what not, it is just my firm belief that men are just naturally dominant. I have tried to shake it for a long time, but I am opening my mind more, to each their own.

I try my hardest not to judge. Just because someone doesn’t like what I do, doesn’t mean they are less of a person. For instant I have health issues, so I cannot do certain things. Like Kneeling, despite how much I ache and yearn to kneel, I simply cannot do it. I force myself too, but then the next day, I cannot walk for the most part the next day. This affects my relationship with my Master sometimes. I know there are some things he wishes to do with me, but we just cant. It kinda sucks and makes me depressed.

I have understood now, that I have been submissive for my entire life. It is who I am, and if I try to ignore it, or change to be something else, then I am not being me! So, the advice, There are no wrong or right ways to be in the lifestyle, no matter how much I try to repeat that in my mind, and believe it, sometimes I have issues. Most submissives kneel before their owners. How can I express that I am submissive without it?

Even my Master has told me he sometimes has an issue seeing my submissive side without me kneeling. This hurt, to no end, and we have discussed it at length. Despite it I try to find other ways to be submissive, to show my submissive nature. It is a learning experience for us both. Plus it requires me to keep my mind open, to knowing that what someone’s relationship is like, will never be what mine is like. As hard as that is to understand, it isn’t a bad thing.

Just means everyone is different, and we shouldn’t compare ourselves.


3 thoughts on “Keep your mind open

  1. whatever floats your boat bud! i really could’nt care less about what others think.
    i look at it this way! i served this country to the best of my abilities and shed blood for it.
    so that gives me the right that i (earned) not to give a rats ass what anyone thinks.

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