GRATEFUL CHALLENGES 2016 – Day 302 – 321


302 – I’ve been so sick but I am happy for sinus flushes!!!
303 – Ice packs have been a life savor!!!
304 – New Tv Shows, to keep me occupied during bad bad bad colds!
305 – Used Book stores, that allow me chances to find new things to interest me.
306 – Getting help from my attorney, through their pharmacy!!!
307 – Doctor Strange came out, and we went out as a family. Dinner and a movie, it was a blast, and a great movie!
308 – Finding new things to do in second life with Master, such as horse breeding. It is so much fun!
309 – Late night pokemon go playing is a must!!!
310 – My puppy being such a snuggly cuddle bug!
311 – TRUMP WINS!!! SOO happy!
312 – Lucifer nights…Tuesday for us on Hulu, but I look forward to dinner and a show with each week. One of my favorite nights!
313 – Master and I talking more. I opened up so much, which is a big BIG step for me.
314 – Having enough money each week when we go to the library to donate a few dollars to the homeless shelter each time.
315 – Popsicles, which help my throat since I’ve been sick. AMAZING!!!
316 – Having sex with Master, and my body reacting in such a way I squirted all over him for the first time!!! BLUSHES
317 – Someone bought my friend a meal, which means she can eat tonight. She is a college student in Canada, and can barely afford anything. This made me so happy for kind people in the world.
318 – Getting my puppy a new collar, harness, and leash. He looks so dapper now!
319 – The super moon was stunning, I am glad I got to witness it!
320 – Seeing my puppy hang his head out the window for the first time while driving.
321 – Picking out our first turkey…It is mine and Masters first Kinksgiving this year. SO excited!

I Am Grateful!!!


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