Be United, Be One, Be Strong, Be Americans!!!


I am very dishearten-ed today. I voted for Donald Trump! I am proud of my decision, because I believe his politics will make my county strong again. I believe he has the oomph we need to become number one in the world again, and strike fear back into our enemy, but the out come of this election has opened my eyes tremendously.

I am not racist. I do not see skin color, as an issue. In fact I am a humanist. I believe everyone is equal, and you should do what makes you happy, as long as you are not hurting someone else. With that said, I am also a Pan-sexual woman, partnered to a FtM Transgender person. We are in the community, and we know deep down that Trump and Pence are not entirely for the LGBTQ community. Knowing that, didn’t stop us from voting.

We know it will be rough to get things passed to support our community, but nothing worth anything is ever easy. I had to weight my options. I could not, for the life of me. Vote for Hillary. I come from a STRONG military family. My fathers, grandfathers, aunts, uncles all served. My brothers served, and did their tours in Iraq, and Afghanistan. They suffer now because of this. So I could not, vote for Hillary, knowing what evil she has committed.

I am not a fan of Obama, and I have a right to say this, because I indeed Voted For Obama to be in second term. Something at one time I was proud of, until I realized he was a hack! No one is perfect. However I am sad. First I would like to say, I am heart broken over the tantrum the Hillary supporters are throwing. You are NOT protesting anything. You are only causing more harm and damage to the USA! I truly believe you are behaving like children, that display a self entitled personality. Instead of trying to come together to make sure Trump does what he promises, you would rather riot, and destroy businesses, and hurt people! Violence will not solve anything!

I watched a video, of a mother who packed a suitcase for her son, who was about 7-8 years old, because in class, they had an assignment on who you would vote for. He chose Trump, and he said mainly because he saw him more often on television. The child, is just that. A Child! They do not understand politics. So instead of being a good and decent mother, and having her son research the politics. Helping him to understand both sides, she makes him hold his suit case outside, with a sign, saying my mom kicked me out because I voted for Trump! Then she video tapes it, and screams and shouts at him. This was terrible. Why traumatize your child. You are only making it to where he has NO chances of making it on his own. You are only providing him the opportunity of being another statistic.

Though I thought that was the breaking point for me. I cried. I feel ashamed of America, in the course of this reaction, but then. THEN, I see what Trump supporters are doing. Not all of the people whom voted for Trump are bad. Just like not all of the people whom voted for Hillary are bad. We are just different. My little sister, voted Hillary. I may not agree with her, but it doesn’t mean I love her any less.

Trump supporters are making me more ashamed. We voted for a strong candidate. A man who plans to enforce the laws we already have. Some might see him as racist because he wants to kick our ILLEGAL Immigrants. KEY WORD….ILLEGAL. This doesn’t mean, trump is attacking Mexicans. This means, ANYONE from ANY country, that is NOT here properly according to OUR laws…will be arrested, and deported. It is OUR law. That doesn’t make someone racist. I agree with this decision, but I am also for Immigration. I just want PROPER immigration. Come here the right way, and you wont have an issue. So when I saw a picture of a girls dorm room, with a wall of items, like shoes, hangers, clothing, etc. The note saying, Hey, this is your future, #wall, this upset me.

I know there are extremists everywhere. The KKK??? Seriously?? They were founded by the Democratic Party, but they are saying make America White again??? That is wrong! The Bullshit..Black Lives Don’t Matter??? ALL LIVES MATTER!!! Period!! It doesn’t matter what color skin you have!!! Now, I am not okay with Muslim extremists. Isis, Muslims that produce hate crimes, or demand we stop selling things in stores, or shut down restaurants, or use Sharia Law in the USA. That is NOT Okay with me at all!!! So I am against these things, but I do not believe all Muslims are bad people. Just as I do not believe all Christians, catholics, Jews, Mormon, etc etc etc are bad.

We have extremists every where. Let us call it like it is. SOME Trump supporters, just as SOME Hillary supporters are taking this way to far! Do you really believe this is what Trump or Hillary wants? For us to continue to attack thy neighbor? Is this what our country, and the world has come to? Violence solves everything? Hillary’s campaign was, about Love and Unity. So why then do her supporters produce violent and hate?

Trump wants to make America Great again, by enforcing our laws! By kicking out criminals! By making our economy strong again, and I believe he can do it. He might have failed in business attempts, gone bankrupt, but who the hell hasn’t tried something and failed?? You get back up, and you try again, and again, until you get a success. TRUMP has! He is a successful billionaire. America is like a business. If Trump can be a successful businessman, I think we owe it to him to give him this chance to try and help America.

We all though Obama was the best thing for America. He wasn’t, but we gave him a fair chance. We need to stop being divided. We need to come together, as a Nation, as AMERICANS, and do OUR duty, in helping to make America what it was. If you are tired of being poor, lack the help to succeed, and want to live in a country where you are truly free, have the chance to prosper, then you need to stop being whiney little shits, and get off your ass, and help us!

Stop dishonoring your country! Show Pride for it!!!


Do Not let the extremists win!


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