What would you do if you won the lottery? Portrait of a very happy young man in a rain of money; Shutterstock ID 148789697; PO: lottery-winner-money-stock-today-tease-160108; Client: TODAY Digital

Today we had plans, and it was slowly turning into shit. First our pictures werent coming out, you know..knew ones..with my collar, and brown curly hair…sighs then as we slowly go to get food, my dad calls and asked me to come help him with a flat tire, so…no food just then. I was getting hangry, Master was getting Hangry, but we helped.

Then we get to the library, which we like to do for some peace and quiet, to focus on writing, and what not, anyways…found out our credit cards got higher limits, because we are awesome and pay our bills and this means….YAY we are almost ready to move out and into our new place.

I am Grateful!!!


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