Collars Do’s and Don’ts


Always make sure that whatever type of collar you wear is not tight. It should fit so you have no problem breathing, swallowing, and moving your head around and side to side.

Ensure that you can get at least two fingers under your collar. If you can’t, it is too small!

If you sleep in a collar, make sure it’s comfortable enough so there are no restrictions, but also that it can’t catch on anything and hurt you.
Never pull sharply on a leash or collar. This could cause neck muscle or spine damage.

Never attach a collar to any type of suspension rig as a way of suspending a submissive. The submissive will choke and most likely be strangled.
Always keep your collar clean. A dirty collar can lead to skin infections.

If you develop a rash or sores, do not wear your collar until it has cleared up.
Never wear a leather collar in the shower. It can ruin it and cause possible skin infections.

If you want to wear a collar to a job, make sure the collar can pass for regular jewelry. The more conspicuous the collar, the more possibility it could cause questions and issues to come up.

If your collar has spikes or some other type of sharp protrusion coming off of it, always be careful not to poke yourself with it. These types of collars should be used for looks and not play.

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