Abuse of Slaves in Gor?


I have been thinking of forsaking the Gorean philosophy and its teachings altogether, because I cannot and do not condone the way it teaches that all slaves should accept any and all forms of abuse from Free Persons simply because they are slaves and the Free gets to do whatever they want to the slave.

My readings and my personal experiences have shaped the way I think and feel about the Gorean ideology / philosophy. I came across someone quoting John Norman’s Gorean novel, saying a slave will accept any and all forms of abuse from the Free. And the appalling thing is that some slaves heartily agree with that. I cannot accept this kind of perverse twisting of our moral compass to condone and to justify abuse in any form to another living thing. It is little wonder that the so-called Gorean lifestyle tends to be a breeding ground for narcissistic self-serving misogynistic megalomaniacs posing as Free Persons, because they love having the freedom and the justification to inflict any form of abuse to slaves. Tragically the so-called Gorean lifestyle also attracts the self-denying masochistic individuals who love being abused in all forms, and justify the abusers’ actions as the Free gets to do whatever they want. How fundamentally evil is this kind of teaching! How inherently perverse is this kind of morality, or rather, immorality!

“Kajira” isn’t a label I give myself, but my Master is the one who decides what I am. My journey as kajira is filled with pain and tears, as well as moments of joy, love and tenderness. I’m rediscovering my philosophy and wouldn’t recommend being a kajira to anyone who dislikes being abused in any form.

Even the author John Norman (a.k.a. Dr. John Lange) himself does not live his life based upon the Gorean writings and philosophy. That says a lot, doesn’t it?


This is interesting, because in the books, it claims goreans arent sadistic. Though there are many forms of punishments, from whipping, to cutting off body parts like noses. It isnt always when I share a negative review on Gor, but the woman does have a point


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