A special bond


(This is my Sasha)

I was never a dog fan after my first dog Sasha had to be put down. There I sat with her in my arms as she drew her last breath, and all I could do is cry. After that I didn’t want the heartache of losing another dog that I had such a bond with. So I turned to cats. They were independent, and well maintained, and at night they snuggled me like I wanted.



Though the first cat came up missing, the second decided to run away and so after time and time again, I began to despise cats as well. I felt I failed with animals. Though it didn’t stop me. Externally I did my best to not get attached, to remain cold to them. I had loved so many, and they had left, or passed on.


(Toby Missed Us)

So no matter who I met, if they had a dog it would always come sit at my feet, or climb into my lap. I tried to push them away, I tried to ignore it, but internally it seemed my heart couldn’t resist. I continue to this day to take pictures of animals. Birds mostly, I have one photography awards for some of them. I don’t know why, but I think I am starting to become a huge animal lover, or maybe I always was, and just tried to ignore it?


(Misty Came To Join Us)

So a year ago I gave in. I wanted a pet. It has taken me 14 years to admit I wanted a dog of my own again. I had hoped for a lap dog, something small I could curl up with on the couch and watch TV. I ended up with a white fluffy horse. *laughs* A Rat terrier, mixed with a Great Pyrenees. HOW this happened I do not know. Then a year after I get him, my precious white fluffy Toby, we took in Misty, a black rat terrier that my brother owned.


(and they love me, even if sometimes I dont want to love them)

I am just in love with both of them. They are very much a deep part of my soul, and my family. I cannot have kids of my own, so aside from the angel I adopted, Toby is my son. He is annoying sometimes when he doesn’t listen but in the end. I love him.


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