More than sex


Sexual slavery is everyone’s dream. They read 50 shade’s of Grey, or watch the movie, and they believe it is all kinky sex, and fetish play, and being dominated while being fucked, but it is so much more. At least for me. I choose to be more of an all around submissive, trying hard to please my master with sexual service, and normal vanilla service. They are small things, from cleaning up parts of the house, making master’s lunch for work, bathing master. Yes, we shower together, and it is amazing when I wash him, or he washes me. It is close to ritualistic.

Sometimes I believe I get more satisfaction out of serving my master in vanilla tasks. My favorite parts of when he is training me. We did this one thing, because I have severe trust issues with everyone, where master blindfolded me, and then had me do things with his guidance. It helped me to open up more, and trust him more. It isnt that I dont trust my master, because I do. It is just a great thing for me to do, helps bring my very heavily guarded walls down more.

In reality it just brings me closer to my master, which is something I need, because with how I feel lately, I feel like I personally sabotage things, from fears of my past.


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