Grateful Challenges 2016 – Something To Catch Up: 204-273


SOOOO because of the work and the injury I sustained from work, I have fallen SOOOOOO far behind on my challenges. To the point I considered giving up..With that in mind, and I feel this is kind of a cheat, doing it this way, however I also didnt feel right spamming the forums, and websites with ALL of my challenges!

Instead I will be posting a list of the past days I have missed, with a small reason why I am grateful for it. Dates included!!!

7.23.16 – I am grateful for storage, to reflect on reasons why my Master is finally moving in with me. That I get to rearrange things, pack, and place some of my things into storage to make room for my Master.

7.24.16 – Hearing my Master laugh as we joke about what it will be like when he does move in.

7.25.16 – For the quiet time I get to sit and have some time to reflect, because I know once Master gets here, I won’t have that much anymore of being alone.

7.26.16 – Driving, and the fact they sell boxes at ups stores, because my Master has NO idea how to pack!!!

7.27.16 – It was nice to have two days off in a row, so I could relax with Master!

7.28.16 – The fact that I have a job and can help bring in the bacon so that I feel I contribute.

7.29.16 – I am happy I dont work so far away that I can sleep in, and it takes me fifteen minutes to drive to work.

7.30.16 – Being able to swim naked in our own pool. Since well, I prefer being naked totally.

7.31.16 – I am happy, it is my brother’s birthday and we got to spend it with the entire family.

8.01.16 – First day of august, which makes me take a breath and try to remember all that has happened so far this year.

8.02.16 – Getting new cell phones, because I need better ways to stay in contact with friends, family, and my Master.

8.03.16 – Budgeting…Yep apps, and stuff to help me, since Master has moved in and it is my duty as his girl to keep the bills paid……yay to that.

8.04.16 – Having my other brother staying with us for a few days, with the kids. It is so wonderful to just have these moments.

8.05.16 – Getting our back to school shopping done, and out of the way!!! So hard for me this year, as my minion is starting her first year in high school. tears

8.06.16 – FAMILY movie night….YEP…once a week, someone gets to choose a movie, and we sit down and watch it, no matter how stupid it seems to be. It is fun, popcorn, movie, memories!!!

8.07.16 – Being able to prepare lunches for my Master, for work. It is so nice to do something so simple, that people take for granted!

8.08.16 – Having Master come visit me at work for lunch break….YAY!!!

8.09.16 – Playing Pokemon go as a family is the best, I may have said this before….but do you know how hard it is to get a 14 year old out of the house to spend time with family. I am grateful for it, and I feel victorious!!!

8.10.16 – Not pulling a muscle, but instead having a Master that cares truly, and takes me to the hospital because all I am doing is crying, and cant sleep…

8.11.16 – Having a few days off to relax from work, because I am hurt. Pinched nerve? Torn Muscle?? not Sure!!

8.12.16 – Being taken care of is nice too, and I am grateful for how well Daddy and Master care for me.

8.13.16 – Being able to snuggle Master, since all I do is cry, it is a huge comfort.

8.14.16 – Going back to work, despite still being in pain. I am happy to have a job, and to be able to do things.

8.15.16 – Going to the movies and being able to invite my brother with us, since he doesnt get to do much.

8.16.16 – CUPCAKES……and the fact Master is letting me have two, because I was good.

8.17.16 – Making new friends, because it is so hard for me to open up, especially since people I thought were my friends cat fished me.

8.18.16 – Sales…like HUGE sales on canvases, and claw and stuff so Master and I can get artsy.

8.19.16 – Finding things to do that isnt gaming, like when Master and I take an interest in dance, or something. I like doing things together.

8.20.16 – youtube videos that are so very emotional and make you feel things. Sometimes its good, sometimes its bad. Sometimes it really helps you process.
8.21.16 – Regret, which okay, sucks but it helps you to not take things for granted.

8.22.16 – Getting my brothers posessions back from the police, even if they dont have enough evidence to prosecute the person involved in his death.

8.23.16 Grief is good, it allows you to process, and though I dont want to lose anymore, or have to go through it, it comes in threes. I am grateful to feel the loss, because it shows I am alive, but if it does come in three, I dont want it. Lost my brother, and my mother in law so far. If grief can be satisfied, let that be the only losses we have.

8.24.16 – Going back to our local dungeon, just Master and I. As terrified as I was, we worked on some trust exercises.

8.25.16 – Master and I got a joint bank account, and I hear in my head is that quote from Isma from Emperor’s new groove…. Do you feel the power Kronk??? Oooh, I can feel it!!!! muahahaah j/k j/k runs and hides from the cane

8.26.16 – It is the best feeling in the world to have ALL your bills paid, and money in the bank and be like..yeah….I can splurge!!!

8.27.16 – SCHOOL has been in session for a few days….YAY…PEACE AND QUIET

8.29.16 – Pictures, because when someone you lve move fr far far away and you will most likely never see them again, you have that one picture to remember them by.

8.30.16 – When your room starts to smell like rotten gym socks, but its clean….INCENSE

9.01.16 – Having doctors at hospitals that listen to you, instad of just sending you home saying…well I dunno.

9.02.16 – My boss handling my workmens comp paperwork fast, because it wasn’t a pulled muscle.

9.03.16 – Going to the library with my Master…

9.04.16 – Daddy and his amazing cooking skills. Well, he tries at least…It makes my tummy happy

9.05.16 – Finally back to work after a small time off due to work injury.

9.06.16 – Getting my nails done makes me feel so feminine.

9.07.16 – Being able to cuddle my puppy, and watch movies with him.

9.08.16 – The valuable lessons that life has taught me bad or good
9.09.16 – Family BBQ’s where my dad who is a chef, makes us the most wonderful things.

9.10.16 – I am grateful for the ability to wake up each morning, to breathe in air, to get dressed and be alive.

9.11.16 – I am grateful for my dreams, which are filled with a story all on its own that sometimes blurs the barrier between fantasy and reality, and fuels my inspiration.

9.12.16 – I am grateful for my memories, my past. Taking what has happened to me and letting it fuel who I am today. Without my past, without my memories, I would not be me.

9.13.16 – I am grateful for mobility. For the ability to move around, to walk, run, to not do so with the assistance of devices. Although my body may pain, I am not incapacitated.

9.14.16 – I am grateful for my body. Although there are times that I feel self conscious, and put myself down, my body keeps working, keeps functioning, un-hindered by my own self doubt.

9.15.16 – For Pain meds…that actually work!!

9.16.16 – Hair dye, so that way no one has to witness me with my BLONDE hair…

9.17.16 – Watching my mother feed my dog a little treat, because he liked to take it and then be chased around before he finally eats it.

9.18.16 – Low gas prices, so we can actually go somewhere.

9.19.16 – I love storms, and how they make the sky look, and the wind, the lightening. It calms me down.

9.20.16 – Being able to see your insides, from an MRI. Though I did find out bad news, but still it was pretty cool to see.

9.21.16 – Physical therapy, even though I cry 90 percent of my days, getting even a SMALL bit of relief, from the pain in my back, is wonders

9.22.16 – Suriving after I was given meds that I am allergic too.

9.23.16 – New tv shows, that my daughter actually wants to watch with me.

9.24.16 – Sexual inspection. I am shy as hell, but I do like it when my Master inspects me sexually.

9.25.16 – My artwork, though it isnt the greatest, I enjoy doing it.

9.26.16 – When my Master comes home with treats. I dont need them, but Im happy he thinks of me with little things.

9.27.16 – When we ALL agree on what we want to eat for dinner.

9.28.16 – Getting fired, but the feeling of getting an attorney because you were fired for being hurt on the job. It is nice to know there are people out there to fight for me

9.29.16 – Paying for Master’s doctor visit. It is a good feeling to know I am taking care of him.

9.30.16 – I am grateful for a beautiful sunset on a late Autumn evening, walking down the street and listening to the sounds of the world going to sleep, and catching Pokemon while I am at it.

10.01.16 – I am happy for Master and I getting into arguments. Though I hate them, sometimes it is the only way to communicate.

Seventy grateful things later, Master said it isnt cheating, because of what I am going through. Sometimes the pain makes it far to hard to be happy about anything, but I am trying so hard to do it.


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