Yes, I am an Introvert!!!


Everyday is a struggle for me I guess. I am usually in control of every aspect of my daily life. From taking care of the family, to paying the bills, and other house chores that I do. So giving up the control, at most times are hard for me. So being able to step into my submissive role after a long days work, is something I wish I could do much more easier. So I need to work on transitioning more fluently. I tend to get sassy and bratty when I have been in a commanding role for so long.

It is even more difficult for me, because I am an introvert. So I for the most part tend to keep things hidden, by myself and well, opening up is like pulling teeth from a lion. I do not trust easy, especially when it is online, because you do not actually see the person. I have been hurt by people I thought cared for me, when they catfished me, and such. Now I have to voice verify if I want to make true friends online, and even then it is only at arms reach, because people in the end only let you know what they want you too. So you only get to see what they let you.

It isnt such a bad thing being an introvert. We do have some good things. Like being alone I can recharge easier, and I tend to enjoy being alone. I can take up hobbies, and accomplish things. I enjoy stuff like learning, and anything to do with arts and crafts. I love to get my nails done, or to sit and read. Music and singing, dancing, or anything to do with the ocean.

Really though I love to blog. Blogging has helped me so much. Though it sucks that I work so much now I hardly have the time. Between work, and spending time with those I care about, bloggin lately has been farthest from my mind. On my days off, I am far too tired, and have so much to do, that I dont have the time to even consider it. So I am hoping to get more done. This really helps me.

Which lately, I really need, because life hasn’t been going so well.


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