Grateful Challenge 2016 Day 200


I don’t think I would ever admit this, because of my personal feelings for video games. I think the people that take it to the extreme, is ridiculous. Falling off cliffs, giving their kids up for adoption, and even quitting their jobs.

This is stupidity.

However since Pokemon Go came out, we have started playing it as a family. The four of us go out, to what we call pokestop heaven. Its 30 poke stops in a row. We just have to walk a half mile back and forth to get them all.

We have fun doing it, and meet new people there. Since there seems to be about 200 there each night. The only thing I don’t like is the walking behind a phone screen. Though I cannot complain, it has been bringing us closer, and getting my family to do something together, which makes me happy.

I Am Grateful!!!


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