Grateful Challenge 2016 Day 199

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I am unsure of things in my life. I have issues going places alone, and I am unsure if its because I have severe anxiety, or if I am an agoraphobe? Maybe I lack courage to be alone in places unfamiliar to me?

I was diagnosed an agoraphobe, but I refuse to take medications, and I don’t see a therapist on a weekly basis. In fact I got a job. A job that requires me to drive to work, deal with people, and actually be away from home for 8 hours a day.

If I am an agoraphobe, how can I do this? Granted my first few days were darkened with panic attacks, but soon they slowly go away. Granted they aren’t gone all together, but I have a new found confidence. That I don’t need anyone else. I can take care of myself, and it feels really good.

I Am Grateful!!!


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