The Joy of Yielding


“Are you truly slave–Mira?” asked the girl.

Mira cast a glance at me.

“You may respond,” I told her.

“Yes, I am a slave,” said Mira, “totally.”

“What was he doing to you, before?” ask the girl.

“You watched?” asked Mira.

“Yes,” said the girl.

“He was enjoying me and using me as what I am, a slave,” she said.

“Are you embarrassed?” asked the girl.

“No,” said Mira. “A slave is not permitted modesty.”

“You seemed ecstatic with pleasure, overcome with gratitude and joy,” said the girl.

“It was my yielding.” she said.

“Need you have yielded like that?” asked the girl.

“Yes,” said Mira, “The slave is given no alternative other than to yield to the master fully.”

“But you would want to yield like that, wouldn’t you?” asked the girl.

“Yes” said Mira.

“Then the slave is forced to do what she, in her most secret heart, most deeply desires to do,” said the girl.

“Yes,” said Mira. “But you must understand that a slave’s lot is not an easy one. We are often worked long and hard.”

“But is there not a pleasure in such a service?” asked the girl.

“At one time I would not have thought so,” said Mira, “but I know now,now that I am an owned slave, that there is,”

~~Blood Brothers of Gor…page 295-6~


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