Grateful Challenge 2016 Day 153


There was a person that catfish-ed my Master and I. We were going to let this person move in with us. Another male dom, that we grew to care for very much. Going through a divorce with his common law wife, to his home being burned down. We would share things the three of us. Pictures, plans, intimate stories, etc.

One day he up and disappeared

We were both worried. I was so worried it made me physically sick. Weeks go by, before we are told by this person, who magically came back around, who they really were. Turns out it was my ex!!! So we both feel emotionally raped!!!

Not only did his person screw with us, they did so with our friends too. However I can say I am happy I trust my gut. We all decided to mute this person, but I had a feeling that one or two were going to continue with this person.

I was correct!!!

So, I will NEVER forgive this person. They do not deserve my forgiveness. Some things in life are NOT forgivable. I just hope they get the help the need. However for me!!! POINTS TO MY INTUITION andSHOTS FOR LEARNING TO TRUST MYSELF!!

I Am Grateful!!!


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