Grateful Challenge 2016 Day 152


I do my best to save things that are special to me. So, it is no doubt why I am happy today. I was going through things, and I found a file I titled how to kneel! So when I opened it, it was instructions for people with disabilities to kneel in submission, BUT I found something attached. Part of an old conversation..It brought back some wonderful memories!!!

[19:30] DOM: so a question to the submissives here… What do you give?

[19:44] ME: I think its an all give for me. Its not just my love, respect, and trust,but my life I give. I dont hide anything from my Mistress, not even my most felt ashamed fantasies or dark dirty secrets. My Mistress is involved IN my life. In ALL parts of my life, but I dont even consider it a gift…its just me sharing my life with my Mistress, and if I am lucky, or permitted I am allowed that privilege of pleasing her, serving her, and fulfilling her needs to the best of my abilities!

[19:50] DOM: Well we have heard what Subs give, but what do You Dom/mes give ?

[19:52] MY MASTER: What do Doms give…we give our time, PATIENCE (lord knows we need it) and we show how we care through training, teaching, and sharing the knowledge with our submissives. Reguardless of the dynamic, I have always looked at relationships in the same light. I love Ina. Deeply. That doesnt mean I wont punish her if she messes up. I want her to be the best version of herself. That’s what pleases me. I aim to make her better.

[19:52] ME: I gave my Mistress tears………(Let me explain why please before I get spankings) Well I met my Mistress here in Secondlife, and for a long time, I was in her consideration collar. We met in Real Life yesterday, and she wanted to know by the time she left, if I would fully submit and beg to be hers. I answered that with a small gift. A framed photo, wrapped up, with my SLRN papers. It had my name, her name, the date, saying I was owned by her. I cant kneel much because I have a broken knee, but I wanted it special, so she knew just how much I love her, and that I ache to be hers truly. So once she opened it, she saw this was my submission, this was my way of begging to be hers, and then it was left to her. It was ultimately her decision, she is my Dom, and as such it is her choice to decide if she will fully take me.

I Am Grateful!!!


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