Grateful Challenge 2016 Day 147


Went to dinner with my mom. Talked about this place I wanted to get. It is four bedrooms. Granted we only need three, but having an extra room would be wonderful. She blurted out something, pertaining to my Master.

If you have been following, my Master is a woman, becoming a man. My family is very religious and so we pretty much wanted to keep it a secret that we were more than friends, until we moved out. Since well, my family would desert me. I still live with my mom, since she got sick, but now that is better we are moving out.

I thought she would blow, once I told her about us, but she didn’t. She just said no pushing our lifestyle on the children, and she didn’t want to see it. Granted I am a little offended since she shoves her lifestyle and religious beliefs down my throat, but I can let that go.

I am just happy it is known!!!

I am Grateful!!!


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