Grateful Challenge 2016 Day 131


So, I had credit cards when I was 18. I was doing really well, but then Daddy asked to use them. I had to leave town for a few months, so he was at home. I told him he could use them, as long as they got paid on time.

He promised!!

Well they didn’t get paid. So that hurt my credit. Then I learned the hard way that you don’t have friends as room mates and if you do,NEVER rely on them for rent. Make sure you can cover rent yourself, if they aren’t there.

So after my credit plummeted, I was ecstatic to see it jumped up a LOT. After student loans were taken care of, and the old apartment, nd credit cards taken care of, my credit score rose.

I cried!

It meant the world to me to see this. My credit is still shit, but at least it is doing something!!

I am Grateful!!!


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