Grateful Challenge 2016 Day 126


I have to admit, I have been so discouraged on my submissive path. Many Doms that did not work well with me, have parted ways, constantly informing me that I am not submissive.

I beg to differ!

I am not perfect, I do struggle sometimes with the surrender, but I believe though I am a strong woman, I have a beautiful submissive nature. Some Doms don’t work well with me, just as I do not work well with some Doms!

I am at least happy in where I kneel. I know I am submissive. I am proud of it!

I Am Grateful!!!


3 thoughts on “Grateful Challenge 2016 Day 126

  1. I had someone tell me too that I wasn’t submissive. Only we know how we feel and maybe we just weren’t fitting what they were looking for but that doesn’t give them the right to decide on who we are.

    • I agree, but I do admit it causes a lot of self doubt about ones self. Thank you for leaving a comment. It is nice to see I am not the only one that this has happened too.

      • Yes it makes you think you have to live by how others define you. Their is no one meaning to being submissive at least I think that way. But some Doms think their view is the only one that counts. And being submissive doesn’t mean you’re not strong and can’t decide for yourself how to live.
        And no problem! I am enjoying this forum as a way to meet others who feel like I do! 😊

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