Grateful Challenge 2016 Day 125


Some people say you should forgive. Forgive people who betray you. Abuse you. Abuse others! I believe some things are meant to be forgiven, but I also have a firm belief, that if someone Commits heinous transgression against you, they should not be forgiven.

Maybe I am wrong?

I do not forgive easily, and I trust far less. I am capable of forgiving minor things. I know, that people are not perfect, as much as we try to be. Though I do not forgive lies, cheats, betrayers, shady people, two faced people.

I am starting to believe that not everything in this world that you are grateful for, are happy things. I am just happy that I know the difference, in transgressions to forgive or not, and that I have the strength to stand firm, and not be weakened by their whining to forgive them!

I Am Grateful!!!


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