Grateful Challenge 2016 Day 117


Where I am currently living, the drivers are very rude. Where I come from, we are polite drivers, never really in a rush, but here…nope!

They cut you off and don’t care!

I recently learned that in my state, if someone causes a car accident, and it is THEIR fault, and they don’t have insurance, then they don’t have to pay you! You cannot even sue them! No wonder people are murdered all the time here for traffic incidents! It makes perfect sense now.


So, where I come from on the WEST coast, we stop, and pull over for emergency personnel. Ambulances, fire trucks etc, but nope. Not here. People don’t move over a lane, stop completely nd get out of the way. They don’t care. It is like they cannot be bothered!

So, what I am writing this for, is because Mistress was driving us around, from the beach, and there was a fire truck needing to get through the intersection. She slammed on her breaks, because it was sudden, and stopped her car, making everyone behind us stop as well. She let the emergency vehicles through!

Proud of Her!

So here is a shout out to everyone that does this. You don’t know where they are going, or what the situation is, but if you stop, pull over, and get out of the way, then you are in my opinion, every bit a hero too. You most likely just helped save a life!

Id like to believe, if they were getting to me, or taking me to the hospital, that people would get out of the way!

Lives are precious! Each and every one of them! So do your part!!!

I am Grateful!!!


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