Liberated and Laughs


So I am sooo behind on my writing. It isn’t that I don’t want to write, but I have been tossed into my depression a bit more, and when I get into that mode, I don’t want to do anything, and writing is farthest from my mind. Which makes it far more difficult as well, because I ensure to save titles for topics I want to write about, and then when time passes I forget what these titles were supposed to represent.

So I wanted to talk today about many things. Mistress and I went to the sex store again. Mind you its been about a month GASPS anyways, we purchased a new Hitachi, since my other one electrocuted my cunt, and then set on fire. We also got a fun board game for adults, that came with candle wax, and rope, and little booklets for role playing scenesGRINS Though we spent a LOT of money, we got butt plugs as well. A training set, where it starts out little, and then you progress to much larger ones. I know I don’t need to explain to most people!

Anyways, we didn’t use them that night. Daddy had to work, and due to family, We didn’t get to leave for the store until 10 PM, and came home around 3am. So we let Daddy sleep, but oh boy the moment Daddy went to work, Mistress was ALL over me!


So Mistress put on her strap on, and then she laid down on the bed. I pretended to stroke it…and oops pulled it out of the ring. So, as I was pushing it back in, I pushed too hard on Mistress’ tummy, and yes…you guessed it!!



runs and hides giggling like an immature little girl

Anyhow, after about twenty minutes of us both laughing, because yes…we found it hilarious, Mistress went to mount me, and fuck me like the little whore I am. So…what happened next, hmm find hole, push in, hears submissive scream….OUCH YOUR DICK BIT ME

runs and hides giggling like an immature little girl again

So after the morning fuck session was over, which by the way was intense and amazing! We had another round when it was bed time.

THIS time…Mistress used our new flogger. I don’t remember what I was in trouble for. Most likely being a mouthy brat as always…WHICH I AM…MOST OF THE TIME but she whipped me. I learned I don’t like any whippings on my ass cheeks, because it hurts more in my broken knee, but she beat me on my back to.


I don’t know how else to explain it. It hurt like a mother fucker, but at the same time, it grounded me. It centered my focus, and it made me love her that much more for it. I have never felt more owned, safe, and bonded with my Mistress, then I did at that very moment.

I cried, and she held me tight!

After that was over, we decided to play again, and this time Mistress had me on my hands and knees, ass facing her. She inserted the little plug into my asshole, and the bigger one into my cunt. Then she used the Hitachi on my clit. It was intense.

Needless to say after my orgasm, I managed to push them both out, that is how hard I came! Mistress said she was proud of me.

I am one happy slut!

Your Girl Loves You, My Mistress


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