St. Augustine Trip



So we had our first family trip. Mistress, Daddy, Our daughter, and myself. We went up to St. Augustine. It is so beautiful there, at least the parts we got to see. It is a long drive for us, so we plan to go back and this time stay a few days. There is a large historical fort that we want to go see. We thought we went to it, but it seemed to be only a small one down the river, to use as a safe guard and sink ships that wanted to blockade the river, so food supplies could be cut off to St. Augustine! It fit only 7 men.

If you look at the picture, on the top room, was the commanding officers room. Then down below were the bunks for the men. One man was living there, his sole purpose to hunt and fish for the soldiers meals! They had authentic furniture, chests which I want. I LOVE historical stuff! We had to take a small boat ride to get to it, but it was really cool. Daddy got me a souvenir of Pirates replica pieces of 8. Mistress and I are going to make a table with our seashells, and sand I get from all over the world, and I think I will incorporate the gold!

So after we got done looking at this mini fort, we went to the beach! Mistress and our daughter bonded over boogie boarding! Which I can admit is the best, because my sister made my daughter too afraid to go into the ocean more than your knees, and here she was out there, up to her neck in water, laughing, smiling, and being free! It was a major blessing! My daughter hasn’t smiled like that in nearly three years!

It was so much more relaxing because we weren’t on anyone’s time but our own. I could have stayed there forever, but Mistress had to get back to work the next day! So after some time in the water we all decided to hunt for seashells! Where Mistress and our daughter found some really cool shells!


Mistress wants to find a whole sand dollar, but so far we have found two halves of one. Oh and they had these really cute crabs! Like the ones from the Pirates of The Caribbean, that move Captain Jack Sparrow’s ship through the sand in Davy Jones’s locker! They live in tiny holds in the sand, and have one claw bigger than the other. You can see them in the pictures too.

Overall it was just a wonderful day!

I Love My Family!!!


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