Walking on Eggshells


During one of my Mistress’ visits about three visits back she was rather cranky. We haven’t been doing so well. Everything was great at first, we were fucking as usual. I begged her to fuck me hard, and she hit my cervix too hard. So hard I bled, and I think my cervix was bruised. I cried forever and a day that is how bad it hurt. Mistress didn’t cum, she just held me and rubbed my tummy.

So, my Mistress broke me with her dick!!!

It wasn’t over yet though. The next day some jealous snide comments over a video game was made. Mistress felt uncomfortable about something that happened at home, and it just made everything really bad. To me it was the worst visit we had. At least so far. I felt like nothing I did was right, and I walked on egg shells.


Granted no relationship is perfect, even in D/s. I just have so much chaos in my life, that I don’t want it in my relationship. We will fight again in the future. We already have had two more! So I know we will.

Regardless, I love my Mistress so much!!!


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