Serving When I Don’t Feel Like It


There was this one time when Mistress and I got into an argument. It was at the beginning of our relationship. I’ve talked about my ragey side before, and I was in this mood. I did not feel submissive at all. I was going to do my normal thing, log off skype and not talk about what was wrong. Ignore the pain until I couldn’t anymore an that usually ends with another failed relationship! She had told me to strip, and kneel. I had responded with, I do not feel submissive right now. Mistress came back with the response:

Just because I get upset, doesn’t make me stop being your dominant!


Slap to my face right there, because she was right! sighs So I did as she commanded and it helped me calm down. It was difficult for me. To submit to her desires when I felt that way. To still portray being submissive, and in service, when all I want to do is be angry, and do my own thing, but we made progress. I didn’t walk away! On top of that I am learning to hold people accountable. If I feel wronged against, I am going to say so! Which is something that is hard for me to do.

Mistress and I have our ups and downs. Good days, bad days, and everything in between. She OFTEN does things or says things that really, really irritate me. I am sure I do the same for her I am learning to forgive, accept, and just not stress over things I cannot control. I really just need time to recover from things that go wrong in our relationship. Talking helps it out a lot, but then I need time to think, and process it all. Eventually if it’s nothing serious I can move on quickly.

That is when I can get back to my snuggle time. I enjoy snuggling, and kissing my Mistress. It’s the best way for me to show affection. Which if you ask my Mistress, she will respond with how much of a needy girl I am. EXTREMELY Anyways, I love to give her massages, and buy her small little waters she loves so much. COOKING which I am not very good at, is something I love to do for her. Plus writing about her, taking pictures, role-playing, everything. I love her, she is my world.

I would do anything for her. She wants to take pole dancing class.SIGNS HER UP . My sister does pole dancing professionally in contests and stuff. It’s pretty amazing. I am here for her, to encourage my Mistress to follow her dreams. To be her shoulder to cry on when she fails at something, but always of course to help her back up.


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