Grateful Challenge 2016 Day Eighty Three


(This is Jasper. This picture was taken by my 6 year old nephew)

In this one movie, I forget the title, they had a stray dog they picked up. This dog looked like it was the neighborhood crack addict. It was straggly, like its hair was electrocuted, and it foamed at the mouth. The dad named the dog Tumor. He said, because after awhile he grows on you!

Now, I am NOT a dog person, at all. I haven’t been since I had to put down my dog Sasha.

I never want to experience that pain again!

Anyways, I have always been a kitty person…with that being said, my mom got a dog named Jasper.


She got it from the animal shelter. He is black, looks like OUR local neighborhood crack addict. With the same kind of bristly wired hair, that looks like he has been electrocuted too. So I nicknamed him Tumor….

He irritated me all the time. Would jump up and snuggle me, and I would get mad and be like…Go away!!!

but some how he did it… GREW ON ME LIKE A DAMN TUMOR

Because of him, I got myself a puppy. It isnt fair, but I am happy for him, and Toby to be in my life!

I Am Grateful!!!


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