Grateful Challenge 2016 Day Eighty Five


I like artwork. Strange art to be truly honest, fan art, etc. I dont often write about my family, because most of the time I have nothing really positive to say, and lets face it. Grateful challenges are to be things that are positive. So I wanted to write about this.

My mom paints sometimes. She isnt famous, she doesnt sell her artwork, no matter how many times we complain and say she should. She does modern abstract artwork. It is her favorite. It calms her down, and it really makes her happy. However she was so badly abused by my father, that she has NO self esteem. This breaks my heart!

We know how amazing she is, how talented she is, and the fact that despite living in pain from having a broken back, she still does so many good things for our family, and the community. She isnt perfect, and sometimes we have bad days, but her art, it makes us happy, to see her happy, and the paintings are treasures.

Word of advice: If you love someone, dont just say it. Make them feel it, let them see it in your actions. NEVER put them down, because it only takes ONE time of feeling worthless by someone that you love, to believe you are!!!

I love her artwork, it is something I will get to keep after she lives this world

I Am Grateful!!!


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