Four days of happiness. Mistress got four days off for her birthday, and she came down. We wanted to get out and do fun things but we ended up staying in. The reason for this is because Mistress and I went to our first adult store together. Where a strap on, and some lube was purchased. It was so much fun, playing with the cocks, and picking out which one Mistress would use to fuck me with.

I say Fuck Me with, because Mistress indeed told me:

When I get there, I am going toFUCK you, my little Rune!!

  • melts *

It had me squirming in my seat for days. So we play with all the toys, pick out things we want in the future, and she picks out her beautiful holster, we get a nice large eight inch cock, silicone, that is HOT pink!

One of my favorite colors!

So we got home, and it was late. Extremely late! Like 2 in the morning, and Daddy had to work the next morning so we didnt fuck that night, we let him sleep. Though the next day when Daddy was gone Mistress put it all together, and put it on.

She looks soooo fucking hot with her cock, I just want to kneel and suck it, like the good little whore I am!

So before we got intimate we were cuddling, talking, kissing, and she tried to hit me with her dick. It fell out of the O Ring!!!

HAHAHA Mistress broke her dick!!ducks from a smack to the back of my head

So after we laughed for a few, we put it back together, and then we were together. We were kissing, touching, and then Mistress was on. Her fingers were deep withing my dripping heated pussy. She was rubbing my clit, massaging my gspot, making me whimper and moan and dance for her.

Finally after a small orgasm or two, Mistress moved between my thighs. She use that lube to stroke her nice soft pink cock, and then she was on me. My thighs were parted wider. Bent my knees, and she pushed them up some, so she could watch her dick push within me.

sucks in my breath sharply


Houston we have NO problems.. NO Pain!!!


Mistress then moved my arms above my head, held my wrists down, and she did exactly what she said she would.


That’s write. There was NO love making here. There was raw, uninhibited passion. That need to just be together, to sweat, and moan, and writhe, and grunt, growl, bite!!! To be truly:


She didn’t stop there. No, Orgasm after Orgasm she continued to thrust within me. To make me scream loudly enough that her hand covered my mouth. Her other hand coming to my throat, demanding I have no air, showing me that I am hers, turning me from a wet dripping pussy, to a hot wet slutty cunt!

That my slutty little life was in her hands, at her mercy!

I can still feel it. I can still smell the sex, and the way my Mistress looked as she came, while her dick was deep within me!

I am such a dirty little slut, because as I write this, I can feel how wet I am. I squirm in my chair, I whimper with need, I suck my breath in, and groans I want so badly to break my rules, and fuck myself nice and hard, but I am a good girl. I will wait to cum, because I cannot without her permission.

All I know, is that is she is coming down again, for another two days soon, and I hope and pray that she will do more than just FUCK me again. I want her to do it so much, that I forget where I am, who I am, for just a little while.

Please Fuck Your Dirty Fucking Slut, my Mistress!!!


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