Grateful Challenge 2016 Day Seventy two


Grateful Challenge 2016 Day Seventy two

There is nothing like the sounds of waves crashing on the sandy beach. Be able to smell the salt, feel the breeze and be completely free. All of my life I have never known calm. I have never truly ever known peace. It has since I could remember anything at all, been shouting, crying, physical abuse. So when I moved with Daddy to his home state, it was completely different being around his family. I lived there for five years, and they are very quiet people. I still wasn’t at peace there. That is where a lot of stuff that is bad in my life happend as well.

So the last time my Mistress was here we went to the beach. I will write so much more on that in a prompt later, but I am so thankful that for once in my life, I got to truly know what peace felt like. When you can stand there, and there is not a single care in the world you have, but that ONE moment. Where you can just breathe in, breathe out, everything around you disappears, and if you just stand there long enough, you will fade way into paradise.

I am Grateful!!!


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