Grateful Challenge 2016 Day Seventy Five


So, we got a phone call. Daddy’s mom was being rushed to the hospital after having a stroke. They found some lesions on her brain, but they were so large, that they rushed her four hours away to a better hospital. The next day she had brain surgery.

A large tumor was removed from behind her right ear. We were terrified. When we spoke to her before the surgery she was incoherent, didn’t even know we were talking to her. I cried, and I still feel the woman hates me, but I care. Daddy was upset, my daughter cried, and we were terrified.

Her surgery lasted five hours. The removal of the tumor was successful, and she is home now, but it was scary. We wont know until the first of April if it is cancer. If it is, we were informed round of chemo or something will follow. To ensure it is gone?

I am just happy she is alive, and doing better now.

I am Grateful!!!

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