My Valentine’s Day




So my Mistress was able to come down a few weeks back, the weekend of Valentine’s day. It was the best Vday I have ever had. She was able to stay for several days. More than she ever had before, and we had our FIRST night alone. Daddy was gone at work, and it was just Mistress and I. I will get more into that in a moment.

So Mistress shows up, and she had presents for me. First it was my day collar, and she had me kneel, and she asked me if this was what I really wanted. To which I answered yes. She collared me, and then revealed that she had a special tag made. My Day collar is beautiful, it is a small double chain, with an O ring, and a opal crystal dangling from it. It is beautiful!

The pink tag, go with my white leather collar, and it says Echo’s Rune.

Anyhoo, I was more than ecstatic. So after all that was done, we went to bed, it was late. Mistress and I got into it, some spankings, and she having me kneel with my face down into the pillow, and my ass up in the air. She toyed with me, teased me, and made me reach orgasm several times. She also had Daddy fuck me again. After he was done, Mistress had me use my hitachi wand, to cum even more.

It was delicious, and I cried so hard, because it was sooooo intense. PLUS I got my Mistress to CUM twice….which is something she has NEVER done before. She said it was either too hard for her to do, or no one ever cared enough to do it. I plan to have her cum harder and more soon. Living together will open sooo many doors and windows. We fell asleep, and then the next day, Mistress was to leave later that night.

So during the day I had to do some paperwork and while I did it, Mistress took my daughter out. Which I have written about before in my grateful journals. They had some bonding time, and it warmed my heart. I got my paper work done, and then we all played skippo for a little while. Then we had supper, and I took Daddy to work. When I got home, Mistress and I hung out in the room snugging for a little while.

Once everyone went to bed, we took a shower. It wasn’t even filled with sex, we just took a shower, and I washed Mistress, and she washed me, and it was really special and intimate. Then it was back to bed, where Mistress and I had an amazing night. She Dominated me more, and it was intense. I LOVE that side of her. Holding me down, spanking me, calling me her dirty slut, and after it’s all said and done, hearing her say I am her good girl, and falling asleep in her arms.

It is paradise!!

So our first night alone was very intense. Not just for the sex, but because I could relax, she could relax, and be ourselves. No worrying that someone is watching us at all times. No my dick is bigger than your dick contest between Mistress and Daddy. PLUS….We went and Saw DEADPOOL


We had our first family date. I say family date, because it was Mistress, Daddy, me and our minion. The fact Mistress considers my daughter, her daughter just makes it all better. August cannot get here fast enough. I want my Mistress here at all times, not just once or twice every few weeks.

I am her needy slut, and eager to serve her!!!

I love you, my Mistress


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