My Mistress’ Dangly Thing


So Mistress came down just for a day. She showed up late, like 2 am, after her shift at work, and we hoped and prayed that they would say that she didn’t have to work on Tuesday, but alas she had to. A shame, because I really didn’t want her to go. She didn’t want to either. I cried soooo hard after she left.

So we weren’t going to have sex the first night she was here, because it was very very late, and Mistress was tired, but of course, we cannot keep our hands off each other. We didn’t have a million orgasms like usual, but it was intense, and fun. I LOVED Mistress teasing me.

So as we were going to bed, Mistress pulled the new comforter up. She started coughing ALOT She had been sick recently and I just thought it was left over from that. HOWEVER Mistress had been laughing, and as she pulled the blanket up, a loose string was inhaled, and it wrapped around her DANGLY THING


You know….Her Uvula


I did too, I laughed, and laughed, and laughed. She laughed after she was Okay. It was hilarious, and I teased her playfully the next day about things getting stuck to her DANGLY THING

Anyways, the next afternoon we watched Crimson Peak. I thought it was supposed to be a scary movie, but it really wasn’t. It was more of a murder mystery film. Pretty good story line, but it was predictable. We also, while watching played Pet City on facebook. We were supposed to go out and have an ice cream date, but my daughter’s school called, she had to be picked up because she fainted.

We are trying hard to find out what is wrong with her!!!

Anyways, so my daughter was laying down in her room while we watched our movie. Then we had dinner, and after I took Daddy to work, we played some magic the gathering. I think Mistress let me win.sad face We went to bed early, which I guess was better, because we spent hours having sex. Some of it was very soft and intimate, and then it was on. Her hand in my hair, shoving my face down into the bed, relentlessly fucking me with her fingers, and cumming so fast I didn’t have a chance to beg permission to do so.

Her Command was to Cum until I was satisfied!!!

Which takes forever, because I can have small orgasms over and over and over again. To reach those EXPLOSIVE ones, that render me shaking, breathless, crying, and completely vulnerable and helpless to my Mistress is when I use my toys, BUT my Hitachi broke. cries

It is really hard for me to cum with anything inside of me, but use a dildo, and my Hitachi, and I am your little cum slut, all gooey in a pleasure puddle. Mistress used a dildo on me for the first time. It was one of those rabbit things. She had me lay a certain way, and then fucked me hard with it. Which hurt a little, but my vagina always hurts. I am very small down there, and my lady parts are broken. Endometriosis, and other things.

Anyways, I came…. HARD usual things happened. I cried. My body shook, and I clung to my Mistress for aftercare as if I was dying.


So, a little something I NEVER talk about. I am allergic to my own vaginal secretion. WHY I got this shit happening to me is a joke, but it happens. To I think my doctor said like 15 percent or something to women. So, my skin is very sensitive, and any fluid other than water, causes me to have an irritation. Anyways, I was chaff-ed really bad, and so I got this new lotion healing stuff. For this type of thing.

I was applying a little bit, when Mistress said to let her do it. I am very shy about people looking at my lady bits. I have actually told my Mistress no on several occasions of her wanting to just look at me. Anyways, this time I let her. It was just us, and she looked at me, spread me open, to try and understand why I hurt so bad. Apparently I tore again, so I was bleeding.

So Humiliating

Mistress said it isn’t something to be ashamed about, but I am. I want my parts to work normally, you know, how they do in finished porn films. I never will, but it’s something to hope for. So, Mistress rubbed a nice thick layer of my lotion stuff on, and I felt soooo much better. Plus I wasn’t actually as awkward with her looking at me, than I thought I was going to be.


Over all, it was amazing. We talked afterwards for a little while. She wanted to understand my trauma, because she had never experienced what I had, and she wants to empathize with me. I cried a lot discussing some things in my past, where an old Dominant abused me, and left scars on my body. She looked at my scars, and said they are fading, which makes me happy. We talked about my rape, when I was kidnaped, molested, and even when someone tried to kill Daddy and I.

It was just nice to be comforted while telling these stories. The entire time was amazing, we both talked about some fantasies we have, which I will go into detail on one a little later. A lot of amazing moments will happen when we finally live together.

Your girl loves you, my Mistress!!!



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