Grateful Challenge 2016 Day Fifty Seven

So my daughter has been sick, something going on with her brain. Turns out it is a brain cyst, just a fraction above her left temporal horn. Her symptoms are dizzy spells, fainting, migraines, and fatigue. So the neurologist we see, wanted to put her on medication, after telling me not to worry about the cyst. We agreed to try the medication, until I picked it up, got it home, and did our research.

The medication itself causes dizzy spells, migraines, fatigue, and suicidal thoughts in teens

So, I did NOT give it to her.

After seeing her pediatrician, and informing him I refuse to give her this medication, he agreed that it was the right move. He said I was doing the right thing as a parent, and since I didn’t feel comfortable seeing the old neurologist anymore, he helped me to locate a new one. Hopefully this one I will like.

but it is good to hear from her pediatrician, that I am doing the right thing as a mother. Something every mother needs to hear from time to time.

I am Grateful!!!


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