Grateful Challenge 2016 Day Fifty Four

I am stickler for traditions. There are some traditions that I didn’t keep from my childhood, and some that I just had to hold onto. Traditions come into your life, whether passed down from generation to generation, or incorporated when you get married, and such. I am not a huge holiday fan, or religious person. My entire family is however, and I celebrate things just for their sake. As kids we celebrated our birthdays which huge parties, and as we all got older traditions changed.

I celebrate big dates with a huge party. Like when you turned your double digit. HUGE bash, because how many of us live to our triple digits? So it marks something important for me. However what hasALWAYS stayed, is you choose what YOU want for your birthday feast. I dont have to like it, no one else does, but guess what. That ONE day you will get what you want, without ANY complaints, because we choose to celebrate the beautiful life of YOU

So I am happy that for my Mistress’ first birthday that we get to celebrate together, I get to incorporate some of my families traditions. She is apart of my life, and my family now, and just hearing how special it is because she has never done this before, makes me even much more happier.

I am Grateful!!!


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