Submissive or Not, I will be treated with respect!!!

I had to block someone for the first time on Fetlife. JUST after writing about how I am so grateful to be making new friends. Why people think it is alright to disrespect me, or my Mistress, is beyond me!

I get some people are young, or too naive to truly learn BDSM, and thanks to 50 shades of Grey, they come thinking this type of behavior is alright.


No matter what role you are, it is NEVER alright to try and get someone to be deceitful to their partner!!!

conversation that was had

ME: That sounds fun. I see your profile says furry. I dont know much bout that scene, so I am curious if your a Dominant or submissive?

THEM: dom

ME: Well, then hello Miss.

THEM: good girl

ME: So, may I ask what prompted you to message me, Miss?

THEM: I seen you pics your a hot lil slut love you big tits and reay pussy loe how you soaked your panites

ME: That makes me blush. I am glad you like them, Miss.

THEM: what you got on now I want you fell them with cream

ME: Well, as much a I would like to, I am not permitted to do things like this without my Mistress’ permission.

THEM: I give you permission

ME: I appreciate that Miss, but my own Mistress has to give me permission.

THEM: not this one time she wont know; now cum for me!

So let me tell you something. BEFORE you desire to message me. READ my profile! I am taken, in love, serving, my Mistress, and my Daddy!! I am happy to make friends, but I DON’T add anyone, or answer an email WITHOUT my Mistress’ permission!

This ISN’T her rule…

This is my personal rule, for myself!!!

One thing I hate the MOST in the world, is someone NOT respecting my Mistress, my Daddy, and ME

Submissive, or not, I am your equal, regardless of roles. I Do NOT serve you, so I will be treated with respect! Period!!!


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