Grateful Challenge 2016 Day Forty Six


So I have been worrying lately about my car. The brakes had gotten so bad it was chugging when I pressed on them. Sadly I’ve not had the money to take it to the shop to get it fixed. It would cost small fortune that I just didn’t have. I have been waiting on my taxes to get in, to take care of that, and a few other things I need taken care of. So when I saw my dad, I asked him to help me look up the type of brakes I would need. I am not car savvy when it comes to parts and what not. It is definately NOT my forte.

Not only did he find out what I needed, he went and got me new brakes, and just told me to pay him back later. He and my husband spent the time to replace them, and if it weren’t for my dad knowing how to do this, I wouldn’t have a car to drive.

I am SOOO Grateful!!!

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