Grateful Challenge 2016 Day Fifty


So while my Mistress was here the last time, she wanted to go to the store, but I had something to handle first. So she took my daughter. They were gone for nearly an hour, and I was mostly done with my stuff by the time they returned. I am glad she took my daughter. It was bonding time for them. Of course my Minion doesn’t know anything about BDSM , or the fact that my Mistress and I are together, etc. We keep it very discreet in front of her, since she is still so young.

However I am so happy that my Mistress is accepting of my situation, and the fact I have a child. Past Dom’s I have been with have either demanded I get rid of her, or refused to let me have her father in my life. Let me just say, Sir Merrek has been in my life since I was 14 years old! We do not always see eye to eye, but he is in my life, and always will be.

My Mistress actually is his friend now, they have things in common. Gaming, computer geek stuff, etc. She accepts him being in my life, and she accepts my daughter as well. To which only made me feel that she accepted ALL of who I truly am, even more. I have never been fully accepted by anyone in my life. Even Sir Merrek has raised his brow once in a blue moon, but I am so happy that my Mistress just loves me for me. It makes me feel special that she calls my little unit OUR family!

I am SOOO Grateful!!!


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