The legend tells the tale of a poor but handsome Dom who lived in a small village on the side of a mountain. He wanted a sub, so he logged onto Fetlife in search of his very own princess bride. It didn’t take long before a sub who seemed to promise to fulfil his desires was pledging herself to him.

On the day her ship was due to arrive into port, the Dom traveled down the mountain to meet her. When they saw each other they embraced and kissed. They loaded her luggage onto the Dom’s trusty donkey he had brought with him, and then they started the long trek up the mountain to his village.

About a third of the way up, the donkey stopped in its tracks, refusing to move no matter how hard the Dom strained in its tether. The Dom looked at his donkey and said; “That’s One!”, before he walked to the side of the track, picked up a stick and used it to get the donkey moving again. His new sub gave a look of disapproval seeing an animal treated this way, but didn’t say anything.

About two thirds the way up the mountain, the donkey once again decided it didn’t want to move. The Dom looked at it, and said; “That’s Two!”, before once again picking up a stick and getting the donkey moving again. The sub continued to look disapprovingly, as her brow furrowed intensely.

Almost all the way up the mountain and only a few short miles from the village the Donkey stopped again.

This time the the Dom looked at the Donkey, and said; “That’s Three”, before pulling out his gun and shooting the donkey.

Seeing this, the sub lost her mind, screaming at her new Dom; “Oh my god. What kind of asshole are you. How could you do that. You did that to that poor innocent creature, just because it didn’t do exactly what you wanted! You’re horrible!!!”

The Dom looked his new sub in the eye, and calmly said; “That’s One”


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