The Wrong Way Street, Mistress

Mistress and I do not live together YET so when she comes to visit. Sometimes I drive her around, and sometimes she will drive. I do not think our roles matter in this aspect. Some could see it as service to drive her around. Sort of like her chauffeur. Other’s might be upset saying I am leading her around and thus topping from the bottom. Others might be shocked and say, “Rune, how dare you let your Mistress drive for you!!’ that I might be lazy, or not serving her properly. Others might clap and cheer me on for me letting Mistress guide me. Funny how something so vanilla, so mundane, could be interpreted.

So it makes me think really. I have been known to say things to my Mistress, like….You need this, or You need to do that, etc etc etc. Mostly it happened when she became sick and was in the hospital and I couldn’t be there to take care of her. She doesn’t see it as topping from the bottom, and I didn’t mean it that way. It was just concerned. However looking at it now, it could be seen as topping. So I will have to word things better from now on.

However could simple things like driving be considered topping? If Mistress is driving down the street, and happens to miss a sign and go down a one way street, the wrong way?? Do I dare point it out? Is it REALLY my place to speak up and tell my Mistress that she is WRONG ??? Well, in this instance I think so! However it is the manner in which I express this.

  • Mistress, you fucking idiot, you went down the wrong street. This is a one way street. Are you trying to kill us? Turn around immediately!!!

definitely the wrong way to say it

DEFINITELY TOPPING from the bottom

  • my Mistress, I think we missed a sign and accidentally turned down a one way street the wrong way! Perhaps we should pull over for safety reasons and make sure?

possibly a better way to word it

I am certain there are million more polite, submissive ways to address this issue. I really do believe if I did not point out this simple mistake, I would be punished for it. In fact what if I didn’t say anything, and we got into a car accident? Or Mistress got pulled over and got a ticket, and found out I knew we went down the wrong street??? runs and hides It really is all about how you word it. Something I seem to have a complication with.

I have a tendency to BLURT things out without a shut up filter. So I sometimes say things that might come off as topping, or ordering my Mistress around, but its just how I speak. So it is just something I see that needs to be polished more. I never ever ever EVER actually tell my Mistress what to do. Whenever I speak I am always submissive, but it is also in how it is perceived. So I am going to strive to work on that far better! Especially after a long discussion Mistress and I had. She never said I lacked anything submissive about me, but I can see in times where I possibly don’t behave submissive enough.

So, I am GOING to do better. To BE better. I am going to do my best to show my Mistress I am proud to be hers! For I love her dearly, and I am blessed that she chose me to be Her kitten. Her pet, HER slut, HER collared, horny, wet, kinky, silly, passionate submissive, that wants nothing more in this world than to please her!

Your kitten loves You, my Mistress!!!


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