Grateful Challenge 2016 – Day Forty Three


I see society today and how everyone wants plastic surgery. A Tuck here, lift there, implant this, implant that. To each their own, if it makes you happy so be it. If I had the chance, I would cut my tits in half, but not because I want to look better, or perky. For the health benefits and the weight off my back. I don’t judge, and really if it makes someone truly happy, then do it. Just do it for the right reasons!

Most women do it to stop aging. Aging to me is beautiful. It is also inevitable. No one will live forever. I embrace aging. Every fine line. Grey hair, which isn’t caused from aging, its just our hair losing its pigment. I find a rare beauty in aged faces. Faces that say, “I have lived!” To show their happiness, and sorrow all in small lines, and cracks, and scars, written like the best story in all of the world.

To see to older people, still holding hands, and deeply in love as they were the first time they met. Eyes sparkling in the sunlight, their laughter having changed over the years. Bragging about grand children, and the wonderful lives they have lead. Battle stories, exotic tales, spoken with such eloquence.

I am thankful for these moments. They remind me of how precious life is, they remind me of the beauty of everyone’s soul.

I Am Grateful!!!

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