Grateful Challenge 2016 – Day Forty Four


Simple things in life to me are the greatest. I grew up in a small town in California. It only has about 3 thousand people. It is so small it has one stop sign, and if you blink you would miss it. Everyone there knows your business before you even know it. Growing up there, I hated it. Then again I believe any child hated growing up where they did, unless you were rich and could be anywhere you wanted, when you fancied it.

Sadly I could not go where I wanted when I wanted to!

However as I grow older, I miss it. Despite the small area, I have made so many memories. Most of them are happy ones. Some are funny, and some are deeply painful. The last memory being there is during my Mema’s memorial service. Though before she passed away I made her a promise to never return to this little town. I will keep that promise, and make my future memories somewhere else, where my family can have a better life.

Despite this promise, I still miss it. I miss the familiarity of it. I miss the people. The smells, the views. Of course, I miss the most are the memories. I want to go back in time to all those happy fun memories. To walk in them, and out of them as often as I liked. To be able to hear my Mema laugh again. I forget how her voice sounded anymore. I miss it. To this day it hurts so much to think about her. I still have a few things of hers, stuff in an vacuum locked bag.

I haven’t dared open it. I know it will still smell like her. It will crush me!

but despite all this, there is something small where I live at now. Something that automatically makes me smile twice a day. The drive to and from Daddy’s work. It is just four miles long, but the grass, and bushes on the side of the road. Are as if they took the scenery from my old little town, and placed it here for me. It is, as if my Mema is telling me everything will be Okay, and that she is here to watch over me. It is comforting. The memories might not always be happy ones, but I am so lucky and blessed for the little things like this, that allow me to keep the ones I lost in the past, alive in my heart.

I am Grateful!!!


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