Grateful Day Challenge – Day Forty Two hand image

Without the internet my life would be bland, vanilla, boring! I would still be living to societies standards. I wouldn’t feel accepted anywhere. I would most likely NOT have friends in the lifestyle. I would’nt go anywhere, be apart of BDSM and really just be miserable.

So I am happy that I am on fetlife, tumblr, secondlife, imvu, blogging, facebook. I am happy for the friends I have within these realms. Sure we might never meet face to face, and some of you I have. Regardless. We are friends! I accept you! You accept me! It is wonderful to feel.

Without these online communities I wouldn’t be free!

So I am thankful to the bright minds that have brought me these worlds. The people who know how to code, create these programs, the ideas of bringing us fetlife, and tumblr, and things like secondlife, and skype. Bringing people from all over the world, from different cultures, and allowing us access to meet them, talk with them, discuss things, laugh and cry with them. Directly from our own homes, behind a computer screen!

I want to meet ALL of my friends from EVERY part of my Online communities. I want to sit with you face to face, and laugh with you. Cry with you. Hug You! I want to see the pain, and happiness written all over your face, where I could in fact reach out and touch every line of worry, every aging wrinkle, every curve that causes your cheeks to lift as you smile, and be able to wipe away your tears when you are sad.

Without these online communities, I would never have the courage to be who I am. I would never have KNOWN who I am. Without YOU , I would not have a reason to write what I write, do what I do, and be where I need to be! I would not have found my Mistress. I would not have found my Daddy, I would NOT have my daughter!

So thank you. Thank you everyone that has touched my soul, from all corners of the world. Thank you for teaching me, guiding me, brightening up my world. Giving me advice, and yes, even to those haters, that want to leave mean messages, and abuse me online. Even you have taught me a lesson. Even YOU have helped me to grow as a person. Thank You!

I Am Grateful!!!


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